All I want for christmas is some ‘me’ time

Smartwatch: £195, Skagen. Pyjamas: £28, Asos. Bed linen: The White Company. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

People seem to think I’m hard to buy for, but it’s really not true. I take delight in the simple things…and in this hectic world there is nothing I like more than a coffee in bed in the morning and downtime with my favourite book.

For me, the greatest gift is ‘time’.

And I totally get the irony that we are on our way to having a child that will take away every single second of that ‘spare’ time next year.

Perhaps that’s why I’m trying to embrace it as much as I can now…our final goodbye. So that’s what Christmas is all about for me, this year, we’ve purposely not booked too much in, I’m learning to switch off a little bit – and my Skagen Hybrid Signature T Bar smartwatch allows me to be connected without being completely pulled into the technology blackhole – it can subtly alert me of texts and calls without me being glued to my phone.

As well as counting steps, it can track sleep – which is a biggie for me. I haven’t exactly had the best sleep since being pregnant (and suffering from a sleep disorder in the past doesn’t leave me with a decent track record), so I am making sure I go to bed at a reasonable hour and don’t make too many early morning plans right now – luckily freelance means I can organise my own schedule a bit more.

Smartwatch: £195, Skagen.

This room is the spare room of our house, it’s a smaller room we could do fairly quickly so we have been spending a bit more time in here as it’s one of our few ‘sane’ rooms, somewhere we can go to switch off and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet – no door handles or coving to order or maternity forms to fill in – and we try and keep it a laptop free zone.

It’s not much to ask for, but it definitely makes a difference – here’s to a hectic 2018.

Smartwatch: £195, Skagen. Pyjamas: £28, Asos.

This post was a paid collaboration with Skagen, which would make a great Christmas gift this year – for men and women. All images and opinions my own.


  1. I agree. Nothing better than ‘me’ time! Cup of tea/coffee in bed with a book or magazine is a luxury (I have two little girls so it does not happen often)! Enjoy a relaxing pre-baby Christmas! Katie

    – just wondering what your larger print in the pictures is of? Lovely colours.

  2. I think trying to relax more will be my New Years resolution. Your bedroom is stunning! Can I ask where your mountain print is from? Xx

    1. I must admit, this year I got some help with my website and it has really helped me switch off – I haven’t worked weekends for the last few months – and I never realised how much of an impact it was having on my life! Next year definitely more relaxing without the guilt x

  3. The watch looks gorgeous but I have read such awful reviews about it.

    How do you find it? Do you receive your notifications if your phone isn’t close to hand? Maybe in your bag?

    I’d be really interested to hear how effective you find it as a smart watch. Thanks.

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