All That Glisters

Jacket: J Crew (old but buy similar here). Jumper: Gap (old). Bag: £108, J Crew. Gold-plated pins: £35 each, Astley Clarke.  ‘Kula’ bracelets: from £70, Astley Clarke. Photographs: Eva K Salvi

I like to adopt the literal quote of Shakespeare here, rather than ‘All That Glitters’ – I think it has a bit more of an impact (and I’m a bit of a Shakespeare geek). But unlike the end of the quote, this stuff really is gold, and great quality, too.



Now I’m sure you know, I don’t wear a lot of jewellery – inside my jewellery box you’ll find a few select brands of fine layered jewellery – and Astley Clarke is one of those brands I rarely take off. In the summer in particular, I love their bracelets layered up with a crisp white shirt an skirt in the evening, or even with a swimsuit on the beach.


 Gold-plated pins: £35 each, Astley ClarkeKula’ bracelets: from £70, Astley Clarke.
But as we know, their pieces are an investment. But one worth making, which is why I’m doing this post on their new ‘Kula’ bracelets, at a much more accessible pricepoint. Like friendship bracelets, they’re easy to stack and look great all bundled or on their own – I love the idea of wearing one classic gold one with all black – the epitome of chic.
And also – a bit of a revelation – you can now buy single stud earrings. Yes, they now sell gold-plated studs from £35 each so you can mismatch your ears and buy for that single extra hole you had pierced. Genius.
Side stripe trousers: £128, Me and Em

Oh, but did I mention the good bit?! As a Frugality exclusive offer, you can get 15% discount on the Kula, the pins, in fact any of the Biography range using code FRUGALITY15 from today until Tuesday 3rd May 2016 (if I were you, I’d check out the lightning bolt earrings). And: it’s PAYDAY.


Jacket: J Crew (old but buy similar here). Jumper: Gap (old). Bag: £108, J Crew. Gold-plated pins: £35 each, Astley Clarke.  ‘Kula’ bracelets: from £70, Astley Clarke.


‘Kula’ bracelets: from £70, Astley Clarke. Love’ disc rose gold bracelet, Astley Clarke (my own)
‘Kula’ bracelets: from £70, Astley Clarke.
This post was in collaboration with Astley Clarke, which meant I had to send back these gorgeous pieces after this shoot.


  1. Hi Alex. Great post. Where did you get your lovely glasses frames? I've been looking for some tortoise shell frames in a similar shape, but I can't find any that don't look enormous on my narrow face! Rose

  2. The outfit is good, i liked the denim jacket but i am pretty confuse to pair it with a trouser. Though trousers are quite comfortable to wear but i would prefer to pair up the denim jacket with black jeans. But i like your style, its really cool. And loved the bracelet.

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