Embracing new Christmas Traditions…

Cashmere hat: The White Company. Coat: The White Company. Beaded wreath: The White Company.  Jeans: H&M Maternity. Boots: Tabitha Simmons (old). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

There’s something about this big chill we’re having at the moment that makes me feel really festive.

Last year, for us, was a bit ‘blah’ in terms of Christmas: we couldn’t put many decorations up due to the limbo of moving (we actually ended up moving on December 23rd), it was unseasonably mild and we never got round to doing our planned ‘eating only canapés for an entire day whilst watching Harry Potter’.

Cashmere jumper: The White Company.

Jumper: The White Company.

So this year will be different, we’ve already bought a tree (our first real one!) and getting ready to hang decorations.

Our new sofa has already got me in the mood for staying in more, lighting too many candles and watching Home Alone on repeat. I usually wrap presents early, whilst listening to the Phil Spector music playlist – I am chief wrapper in my household and get such a thrill out of it. We’re a bit later than usually with getting presents but again, for the first time, we’re taking a day off work to go shopping. In real shops. I know, we’re really embracing it.

Fairy lights: The White Company. Garland: The White Company. Pink throw: H&M Home (old).

Tree decoration: The White Company.

Although our house will be far from finished by the time Christmas comes (and the radiators removed from our hallway!), there is definitely something special about the first Christmas in our new home (last year didn’t count: we moved in, packed our bags and relocated to our parents’ as there was no heating or hot water!).

Knowing this will be our home for many Christmases to come is quite special, so we’re really indulging in the decorations on the fireplace and twinkling lights.

Pine cone mini Christmas trees: The White Company.

We bought a tree from Finsbury Park Christmas Forest (our new local!), it’s our first year buying a real tree and, although I don’t usually agree with cutting down trees, we allowed ourselves this indulgence with all the building work going on – you really can’t beat the smell and look of it. It already felt like such a lovely tradition picking one out and checking all the branches…and partnered with The White Company’s ‘Fir’ candle, our living room smelt exactly like Christmas (just needed some pigs in blankets in the oven!).

‘White Christmas’ candle: The White Company. ‘Fir tree’ candle: The White Company. Star decoration: The White Company.

Although there won’t be any Bloody Marys for me this year, that’s one tradition I can happily bypass and sometimes it’s time to usher in some change – I’m more excited than ever to be looking forward to the new year with too much chocolate, cosy nights in and living in our own little fairytale (even if it is still only in one room for now).

Stocking: The White Company. Pre lit beaded wreath: The White Company. Jumper: The White Company. Jeans: H&M Maternity.

This post was in collaboration with The White Company, a brand which always gets me in the festive mood.


  1. Ahh it all looks lovely! And I quite rate a ‘virgin mary’ if I have to be virtuous; all that’s missing is the vodka!

  2. Love a bit of Christmas decorating. Love the snowflake decoration too. ?
    It’s the 1st December tomorrow, and therefore officially the start of advent. I ease the husband in gently, and add a little more each week. It’ll be a week or so before the tree goes up though!

  3. Those White Company candles look sooo beautiful. I love scented candles but have always balked at buying the White Company ones because of the cost, but I think you’ve convinced me to treat myself!

    1. I was researching candles for my xmas giftlist last night and I have to say, for a lovely scented candle, they’re actually one of the cheapest – most are at least £40 nowadays! I always think xmas is the one time when I really indulge, even if it’s not on me! xx

  4. your new house looks so cosy! if only i had a mantelpiece to decorate. and being pregnant at christmas is so special. the first time i felt my baby kick was on christmas eve, such a special memory for me. sending you all my best wishes for this truely special time and wishing you a cosy christmas.
    brigitte xx

  5. What a cozy and beautifully decorated Xmas scene Alex. I am obsessed with your velvet (?) sofa and all the delicate details you have chosen for your first Christmas in your new nest 🙂 Wishing you a lovely week ahead Xx


  6. Your home looks beautiful… I haven’t long bought a new sofa & I’m absolutely gutted as yours is amazing! I love your blog, you manage to write without being ‘twee’ or smug… something that most other bloggers struggle with! Keep up the good work!

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