Frugal City Guide: Brighton

T-shirt: J Crew (old but buy similar here). Denim skirt: £36, Urban Outfitters. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell
The last time we were in Brighton (for our Kipling shoot), the city had such a great buzz about it we knew we needed to come back and do it properly.  There are so many cool independent boutiques, great food and places to stay, and thanks to all of your wonderful recommendations we were able to make a Frugal City Guide out of it, here goes…
Jacket: £90, YMC. T-shirt: J Crew (old but buy similar here). Denim skirt: £36, Urban Outfitters. Shoes: £395, Jimmy Choo
Our first night in Sussex was at a wedding so we just stayed at a dodgy Travelodge but I was desperate to stay here when we set into town. I’d heard great things, it looked like my kind of relaxed cool style with cool, modern Art, a great atmosphere and I was pleasantly surprised by the prices. It has a ping pong table (which we definitely put to use after a few drinks), great restaurant (The Set), and a cool cocktail bar (The Cocktail Shack) where the bartender really knows his stuff. It is an old building so there are the odd squeaky floorboard noises but the location and feel are spot on, we felt relaxed as soon as we stepped inside.
T-shirt: J Crew (old but buy similar here). ‘Lou’ jeans: £225, M.i.h. Jeans. Shoes: £395, Jimmy Choo. Watch: £299, Apple
Obviously, the cafe in The Artists Residence does food, and there are lots of good fish and chip places (we loved Fish & Liquor). If you’re after a good brunch? The New Club’s bacon roll with sweet potato fries was delicious (and only £5!).  


Silo was also somewhere recommended by a few people, a great lunch spot and a pioneering restaurant in that it has zero waste. Everything is recycled, reused and source without any waste (everything delivered in reusable crates and everything uneaten is used in compost etc. And it’s very cool – very impressive and something to live by. If only to pop in for a coffee, it’s a must-go.




Brighton’s boutique shopping is really second to none, for both interiors and fashion. Here are our favourites:

i gigi is instagram heaven, everything is light and airy (and grey!) with lots of nick nacks, crockery and everything you do – and don’t – need(!). There is a gorgeous cafe upstairs too, with huge windows for people watching.










The Lanes are where you’ll find loads of fab independent boutiques, coffee shops and quirky stores. We passed by the Art Republic Gallery and had a browse, as we recognised most of the fab Art from our Hotel. They had Ben Eine prints, Peter Blake and a fab artist Bonnie & Clyde we were interested in but we might have to save a bit more!


Bluebird Tea Co


My absolute favourite chamomile tea with lavender and rose


A shop with just kitchen utensils? It shouldn’t work but does…I spent ages browsing this store (despite it being tiny!) and bought some gold scrubbers and an enamel utensil pot.





Magazine Brighton


For someone in the publishing industry, this store is the dream. Only considered, beautiful magazines are allowed here and you can easily just walk around and get lost in all the style titles, independent published magazines and travel guides.







These next two boutiques were recommended to us by the fab people at website Trouva, whose website curates the best products from boutique stores across the country. Their recommendations were Edited and Workshop, and they were both stores I fell in love with.
Modern grey interiors with a pop of colour (and a coffee shop!), Edited stocked some of my favourite brands such as Hay and Normann Copenhagen.




Shop Edited online via Trouva here
Workshop may be small, but, like its product, it’s perfectly formed. It’s achingly chic and you come out wanting to throw out all of your existing furniture and ‘stuff’ and live a simple, minimalist, ‘Kinfolk’ life.






Haeckels product, which I’m obsessed with




Shop Workshop via Trouva here


In fashion terms, this store couldn’t be more me. Stocking all of my favourite brands: M.i.h jeans, Mads Norgaard, Etre Cecile…it is beautifully curated and its menswear is just as chic. Definitely a one-stop shop for easy, cool minimalism. And the best bit? They stock online (and you can follow their instagram here).






So that’s it from us, make sure you add this hit list for your next Brighton trip and thank you to everyone for your top suggestions to make this post possible. Let’s just hope it’s not so windy next time!


  1. I love Artists Residence and Art Republic – great choices! Going next weekend so definitely adding a few of these to my list! Laura x P.S. if you still want that piece you liked in Art Republic, remember as long as it's under £2k you can pay in 10 monthly installments. I buy one piece every year and love spreading the payments! x

    1. Yes, i had the exact same experiences – my husband lived there when we first met and we were still living the student life (nights out at the Funky fish, which is actually amazing but not chic!), and now we go with completely different, fresh eyes, and it's fab x

  2. Great post, I went to Brighton for the first time a couple of months ago and loved it. Must recommend the awesome 'Neighbourhood' on St James Street for great brunches and an excellent selection of gins, and 'Bohemia' in the Lanes for cocktails! Artist's Residence looks MUCH nicer than where we stayed though so definitely doing that next time!

  3. You've been to some of my favourite places ! I love the Cocktail Shack, i gigi is fab and Our Daily Edit is always worth a trip. The Artist's Residence is becoming THE place to stay for anyone who comes down here. Next time you come down, let me know and I'll take you to some new places in Hove !!!

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