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It’s here, and one of the H&M collaboration collections I have been most excited about for a while. H&M x Erdem lands online 2nd November (and quite a few of you, exciting, managed to secure preview tickets through my Instagram for 1st – hopefully see you there!).

Expect a whole lot of lace, gothic florals and bows – with a few cool knits thrown in for good measure – but one thing you shouldn’t expect it to be is super cheap.

The fabrics are superior and well made (from what I have seen) and the prices I have only seen in Euros but expect to pay around £100 (at least) for the dresses.

That’s not to say there aren’t some beautiful pieces to be had, and I will still be queueing up to see if I can get some pieces (especially for Christmas/festive events).

A few readers have asked me what pieces I would pick, so thought I’d do a little round-up here (the full length dress is my DREAM piece, but it is also one of the priciest, just to warn you!):

I think any of the dresses and pyjama blouses would be a great buy, as they’re pretty timeless and you would bring them out in years to come (I still have some friends who bring out their H&M x Lanvin pieces and they look fabulous!).

If you’re not looking to spend too much, I’d go for a silk scarf, it would add a ‘bit of something’ to a classic crew neck and jeans look, especially under a wool coat.

Good luck online and in store on Thursday 2nd November – hope you manage to get something fabulous and please tweet or message me on Insta (@thefrugality) with your buys – I’d love to see what people get their hands on!


  1. I love a good H&M collaboration; in 5 years of medical school I only missed one lecture and it was so I could go queue for the Stella McCartney X H&M range with all the fashion students! 12 year later and I’m still wearing the beautiful wide leg trousers I got so it was well worth it.

    I’m really looking forward to the Erdem range- looks like there are some classics that I could wear for years rather than the more trend driven pieces of the recent collaborations. I’m hoping they might have the grey wool blazer and some of the beautiful blouses left when I finish work tomorrow- sadly skipping my clinic isn’t an option nowadays. Do the pieces fit small? I tend to find H&M sizing is a bit of a lottery; I’m a 8-10 but have sometimes needed a 14 in H&M so never feel confident enough to buy online from them.

    1. I rushed to our local one in Notting Hill when I worked at Matches for the Stella McCartney range – I got the slim trousers which I loved but I was much smaller then! I have only tried a few things but it seems to come up big – the black lace dress I wore came in S,M,L and I’d say the small could fit between 10-12 xx

  2. Hi Alex, i’m so glad you managed to get your dream piece, it looks beautiful! I am rather late to the party but wondered what the sizing’s were like (I’m normally a 10 in H&M) are all the items true to size or come up big? I’m not sure if I would be an XS or a S…. I’m wondering whether to risk eBay to get my hands on something special for the festive season.

    1. The lace dress I wore here is a bit roomy, so I would go for an XS or Small – I wore the small here and it was fine but easy to fit a 5 month bump underneath! eBay is an option but I worry about fueling the fire…it was so sad to see a lot of people on the preview night buying tons just to sell on eBay, leaving not much left for the rest of us mortals! xx

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