I’m with the band…

T-shirt: $10, Old Navy (bought in NYC). Trousers: Madewell (old). Shoes: £115, SezaneSuede chain strap bag: £99, Marks & Spencer. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell 

I’m not sure when this band tee craze started back up again, but I sure wanted in. I’m really into classic tees at the moment, but one with an allegiance? Perfect. 
But which one to choose? My old Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins t-shirts from my teens were long gone, and even if they were around they were so ill-fitting they just wouldn’t have worked. I love the Hades jumpers that everyone is wearing at the moment but what with my Bella Freud obsession, they’re a no go right now for me, budget-wise.
And then I stumbled upon this: $10 in the men’s department of Old Navy (rummaging whilst my husband tried a few things on in New York). I thought…is it wrong to buy this and pass it off as something I bought at a gig? And then I thought, it’s $10 and I don’t care that much.

The thing with these tees is you kind of have to know the band you’re swearing by. And I choose Floyd. ‘Wish You Were Here’ is one of my favourite albums to listen to at home (and watching that amazing documentary on the making of the album makes it even more heightened).
I’ve teamed with these Sezane block strappy heels to add a touch of girliness, and with a denim jacket for later on. I feel it has breathed new life into my khaki chinos (and got me out of jeans for a little bit).

Jacket: £45, Oasis.

Earrings: £25, Finery
And the earrings? I read on Who What Wear this week that oversized earrings will now be worn with everything. And by the looks of Streetstyle at the shows, it seems to be the case – everyone in the crowd were wearing big gold earrings. These are from Finery and a nice way to dip your, well, ears into the trend.
Jacket: £45, Oasis. T-shirt: $10, Old Navy (bought in NYC). Trousers: Madewell (old). Shoes: £115, SezaneSuede chain strap bag: £99, Marks & Spencer.


  1. I love the way you've styled a band tee – It can be such a cool thing to wear yet a bit challenging to style and still look super refined! You manage it perfectly 🙂


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