Interiors: Nicky Wisden (aka my stylish sister)

My nephew, Rocco, in his new bedroom
The Queen of multitasking, my sister manages to run the family business (the Locksmith company my parents started 35 years ago), bring up 20 month old Rocco, renovate her new house, be an Instagram maestro, see friends and still find time to be there for our 91 year old nan and remember all anniversaries/birthdays/special dates. Like most mums, she is superwoman.
Like most perfectionists, she would probably like me to mention that the house isn’t finished, they still have lots of work to do etc etc. But to me, it’s perfect.
Nicky and Rocco
When did you buy your house? 
We got the keys on the 7th of January this year but couldn’t move in until Easter.
What made you leave your last place? 
Our last flat was my husband’s, I’d left my house to live with him so this was our first home together. Plus we were so tight for space with jumperoos etc so it was definitely time, we love Wimbledon Park so when this house came up in the next street it was perfect.
Was it strange the make the move from a 2 bed flat to a 4 bedroom house? 
I get more exercise running up and down stairs and the space now is amazing. We had been very open plan before and its a nightmare closing off a section to relax and for our baby to play. Plus I hadn’t realised toddlers ride bikes through your home, so he definitely has more space for that.
Where is Rocco’s tippee from? 
Its’ from Emi & Nell. Its perfect as we have it in the lounge and every night can store his toys neatly away with no bright plastic toys all over the place!


The one and only Norman, the chihuahua
Where is your living room light from? It’s an Extra Large Normann Copenhagen 69 light. I love it but it was so confusing to assemble!

What’s your favourite feature of your new home? 
I’m madly in love with the original tiles on the ground floor, and cannot wait to get them restored to their former glory one day. I honestly wanted to buy the house purely for the floor!
Nicky’s Jimmy Choo trainers. Rocco’s moccassins.

Where are your shoe cabinets from? 

They are from Ikea and are so handy, they provide a shelf for keys etc and hold at least 8 pairs of shoes. Would love to buy more eventually.


What are your favourite interiors stores? 
I love Ikea, Bodie & Fou, Auction houses for one off pieces, H&M Home, and TK Maxx.
Pendant light: Bodie & Fou


Print from Etsy – “I’m addicted and plan to buy more”
What paint colours have you mainly relied on? 
Farrow and Ball Blackened throughout the entire house!
Lamp from Lots Road Auction – “I wish they had two!”
Marble effect tray: £6.99, H&M. Cleanser: Eve Lom. Necklace: Tiffany & Co (Nicky was proposed to with this ‘key’ necklace). ‘La Nuit De Chanel’ evening face cream: Chanel. Nail polish: YSL. Dry oil: Nuxe. Bag: Anya Hindmarch via The Outnet


I remember getting these for Nicky from a Louboutin Sample Sale!

How long did the renovation works take? 

They took a good 3 months, I think we may have been hungover on the viewings as we had no idea the amount of work to be done. 4 days after we got the keys we had Roccos first birthday in the house, and then got started with re-wiring, new pipeworks, water tanks, window refurbs, bathrooms knocked into an ensuite, and finally white walls everywhere and carpet.




“These tiles from the Bath Store and were on special offer the weekend we bought them, I’m a bit of a marble addict”

You seem to like Scandi interiors – where are your favourite places for this? 

I love Ferm Living and buy a lot from The Finnish Design Shop.



What are your favourite brands for Rocco’s clothes? 
We are obsessed with Mini Rodini, Beau Loves, Bobo Choses, H&M, Piupia, and buy mainly from Cissy Wears, Scandimini
Carnival light: £58, The Little House Shop








Are there any original features you’ve tried really hard to preserve?
We’ve kept all the ornate coving in tact, the picture rails, the floors, and our biggest task was restoring the stained glass in the front door which was lost in the war, re-painting it has been a big job, and we are currently restoring the original door chain etc, as its a beautiful door.
Was there anything you wanted to change but time/budget constraints made you compromise? 
Most of the house at the minute is white, simple and basic, with our plans to extend up and out in the next year or so, so I’m just very excited to get going again and stalk Pinterest regularly!
Wallpaper from Jane Clayton. Tiles from Topps Tiles Boutique
I know you’ve still got work to do – what’s the next stage? 
Our next stage would be a large kitchen extension and the loft, then we can finally finish the rest of the house. In the meantime we will work on the garden and just enjoy the space.Thanks for having me, Nicky! You can follow Nicky and Rocco on Instagram (for cute pics and interiors inspo) here.


  1. I love this post Alex – couldn't have come at a better time for me! We viewed two old properties in a village we are planning on moving to yesterday. After being a little spoilt with newer properties the last decade I am struggling to see past the amount of work involved. Your sister has given me hope it's all possible with children and businesses in a short amount of time – she's done an amazing job! That wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom is pretty fabulous. Thanks for sharing both of you x

    1. Oh so pleased!! Yes -sometimes you have to pay to get people in to help you (they had to get painters in so that all the rooms were painted in a few days) – but it's worth it for your sanity! And the satisfaction that comes with it is priceless x

  2. Wow- amazing home, gorgeous wee boy and cute dog. Do you know where the lovely chair next to the fireplace and the stripey curtains in Rocco's room are from?
    Clare xx

  3. Ah Nicky you are one talented, gorgeous lady! Your house looks utterly amazing, so tasteful, scandi cool and your bathrooms are stunning (love the tiles – Topps Tiles are so on it!) you must be so proud of you and your husband, you have done an amazing job. And of course Rocco is gorge and such a dude! xxxxx

  4. Totally in awe of how Nicky manages to keep her house looking so flawless with a 20 month old! Who did she get to do the restoration of the front door? Thanks! Eva x

    1. Hi Eva, here is what my sister said: The front door I stripped and painted but the glazing I got done by a guy on eBay that I found, he did 6 panels that I needed for about £700, will message his eBay profile to find out x

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