Interiors Obsession: M&S Home

I have always been a fan of M&S clothes, but interiors? I have a few cushions and candles but that’s about it. But as soon as I saw the Marks & Spencer Home Look Book for A/W, I just knew I wanted to share the images with you. It’s insanely good, they’ve really got it spot on this season.



I love the folk influence on this chair
Lampshades: £25-45, Marks & Spencer


And have you heard about Marks & Spencer Loft? It’s a clever range of furniture designed with slightly smaller proportions, made to fit modern living where space is limited. After staying in the M&S Loft last month (a flat decorated exclusively in M&S product – I’m not going to lie, it was fabulous), even my husband found himself looking at the price list and eyeing up the sofas (and I promise this in no way swayed my opinions – it is just really good).
Desk: £179, Marks & Spencer
You can buy these sofas by section according to the size of your place
And look what I found when I popped in last week – to satisfy all my indigo cravings:
Indigo throw: £69, Marks & Spencer
Cushion: £22, Marks & Spencer



  1. Lovely Alex, I asked M&S re the mirror and they said to come back to you as they couldn't find it!? Im doing that thing where you obsess over the final finishing touch… Thank you!! Lu xx

    1. But at least I know to stop obsessively checking their website! 😉 thank you for following up and for being a superstar blogger from whom I can nick lots of interior ideas (currently lobbying my boyf to be allowed to paint behind our bookshelves a very dark shade a la Stedman) xx

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