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I feel like my blog and Instagram are a constant flow of hellos and goodbyes at the moment, so apologies! This Christmas and new year was bliss, I didn’t blog and deleted the Instagram app from my phone so I wasn’t even tempted to scroll. I finished a jigsaw puzzle, watched some foreign films (which I could watch as I wasn’t also reading my emails!), spent every day with Peggy and now already feel a bit frazzled, to be honest with you.

Being self employed has the benefits of being able to take some time off, but there is always the pressure of irregular income to catapault you back to earth when you re-emerge.

The break did allow me to stop and think about the last year, and be proud of what we have achieved. We brought a life into the world: that’s a good start. But also that we have somehow managed to muddle through almost a year of working with a baby without barely any childcare (Peggy started one day a week at nursery a few months ago)…it has been a bit crazy, and most nights I have started my day’s work once she went to bed at 6pm BUT we got there, and hopefully work/life will be a bit more straightforward this year!

Peggy starts nursery a couple of days a week this month, so I will have more time to spend on projects but then equally, I will not work evenings or weekends so in fact, will spend much more quality time with her.

Jumper: £59, And Other Stories.Trousers: £59, And Other Stories.

Peggy wears: cardigan: Boden (gift). Leggings: £7.99, H&M Kids.

In terms of the blog, everything’s pretty much back to normal. The days for posts are every Tuesday (Monday just wasn’t working, I ended up just manically typing it every Sunday evening!) and then occasionally Friday for a sponsored posts, which will be labelled as such.

I have been working on a Newsletter which has lots of extra info, tips and ideas as well as my new updated blogposts, so make sure you’re subscribed (click here) – this is where you will read everything first – including some new downloadable formats I am working on, and some up and coming talks and events I am currently working on.

This year is the year I am hoping to meet more of you and turn the blog even more 360 with events and useful resources. I love how social media has become a useful tool to build bigger conversations and I am going to run with it – my post on sustainability (take a look here) resonated so much with myself and you that I want to carry on in this vein – discussing real-life challenges as well as the occasional frugal buy.

As a side-note: how lovely is Norfolk? I had only been once before for a shoot so had no time to appreciate it. We stayed in a lovely barn near Holt (found on Air BnB) and spent most days walking on the beach, visiting stately homes (Blickling Estate). eating fish and chips or hanging out in country pubs. The mix of sea and countryside was so good for the soul, although I would say you need a car round there.

Thank you, as always, for reading, commenting, always making me think in new ways and challenging opinions – 2018 was really a year of lesson learning, and I’m excited for what 2019 can bring.


  1. I am a new follower, I love that all your fashion, furniture etc ideas are mostly affordable for my budget!
    You mentioned Frugal February on IG, how is that coming along? I am trying to do the same inspires by you.
    I will be subscribing to your newsletter too. ?

    1. Thank you for subscribing! Yes its good! I wanted to do it my way rather than all or nothing, so I’m cutting out takeaways all month (it had got out of hand with lack of time and stressful days working around a baby!) but I feel better and my bank account definitely feels healthier!

  2. Just a nice and easy going read. Love this content. Really hope blogs are back because I love to read instead of swipe ups and 24h content!
    Love your style of work and Peggy is adorable! xx

  3. Totally agree with you about Norfolk. We keep going back, it’s so good for the kids to be in those wide open spaces. Would be interested in your take on places to visit. X

  4. LOVE this. I’m with Louise, I prefer really getting to know someone through a gentle read of their blog rather than the frantic swiping of Instagram (although I have a soft spot for stories when I’m lying in bed – that’s probably a terrible admission). Thank you, though, for talking about taking time away from social media. I feel such pressure to be ‘always on’, and it’s encouraged me to be more sensible. xx

  5. Thanks Alex for great stories and beautiful photos. Peggy is so cute and you are a wonderful mum. Totally understand the need to curtail social media at times – I deleted WhatsApp – it has its uses, but I had friends contacting me via so many platforms that I was occasionally forgetting to note arrangements and getting very stressed, not to mention the time spent checking and responding. So good for you, and wishing you a great new year x

    1. Yes, WhatsApp can be so stressful – especially the ‘seen’ button – and you can’t mark as unread etc…I have turned off notifications on it now so I check it only when I have time and people know to call if it’s urgent – it’s important to set these boundaries for yourself sometimes!

  6. I love sooooo much your blog , your writing style. I would like to visit more the south coast of england for “the mix of sea and countryside” too. I like watching “hercule poirot” and “miss marple”there were lovely countryside

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