New travel website to know: Doris & Dicky

Hotel Alexandra in Copenhagen (from £147.73 a night) via Doris & Dicky.

I love a ‘browsing’ website. Somewhere you can get lost in…there are only a few that can transport you away like nowhere else – Mr & Mrs Smith, iEscape, Pinterest and Trouva are amongst my favourites.

But frugal alternatives? Like really on my wavelength? There’s a new travel website on the block, and like all the best things I discovered it through word of mouth: Doris & Dicky.

No. 4, Benissa, Alicante (from £74.22 a night) via Doris & Dicky

Specialising in ‘Budget Boutique’ (gosh, I wish I’d coined that phrase), it’s exactly what I feel is missing in the online travel sector.

I always find travel interesting as pretty much everyone focuses on the ‘luxury’ sector, but it doesn’t actually serve that many of us. I for one, can’t wait for my holidays and want it to be special, relaxing, a little luxe, but not compromise my mortgage payments.

Like most great sites, Doris & Dicky started when a couple couldn’t find any charming hotels within their budget, for around £100 a night. So they compiled a site themselves.

Hotel Pulitzer, Rome (from £65.18 a night) via Doris & Dicky

All their hotels are handpicked and visited, so adhere to their high standards (including one of my own favourites: Artist Residence). And I love that it shows a list of best countries to visit at which time of year (handy if you’re after some holiday inspiration).

Artist Residence, Penzance (from £90 a night) via Doris & Dicky

So next time you’re stumped for somewhere to stay on your next break (as I know some of you are, as I get a lot of emails asking!) – try this site.

You’re welcome.

COQ Hotel, Paris (from £120 a night) via Doris & Dicky.


  1. Your blog content is so on it! Consistently original and inspiring without an ounce of the overdone ‘look-at-this-shopping-haul’. I love it.

  2. Oooh this is perfect. Currently planning summer holiday in Scandinavia (hoping to squeeze in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Reykjavik in 2wks!) so this is exactly what I needed!! Thanks x

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