Interiors Envy: Nicky Wisden (Part Two)

Photographs: Christy Leigh Photography.

You may remember my sister’s house from this post a couple of years ago, well, now she has extended into the loft and pretty much finished her home in SW London – so thought it was a good time to share some updated pics.

These pics are far more professional this time (not taken by yours truly!) and feature a few of my gorgeous nephew Rocco, too. This was quite a few months back, and he has already changed so much since this (and in fact, now has a brand new baby sister in the mix!). Hope you enjoy the update…

Nicky – we loved having your house featured on the site before, but tell us what’s new now?
We finally got planning and put a loft extension and rear extension on, it took 5-6 months and we finished in time for Christmas last year.
Which room is your favourite now?
I think the kitchen extension. It has a space for a dining table and a lounge area, my husband’s decks and record collection and the kitchen. Summer with the doors open was amazing.
We still make the effort to watch movies in the old front living room which has a fire, but other than that we’re in the kitchen, normally surrounded by Paw Patrol toys….
How has your loft conversion changed the way you enjoy your home?
Since being heavily pregnant I haven’t been up there for a while!! If I’m feeling energetic I will but other than that I leave things on the landing to be carried up there by my husband – he also sleeps up there several nights a week as I’m getting harder to sleep next to!

Upstairs in the loft are a spare bedroom, study and a bathroom

Linen bed sheets: Soak & Sleep.

The pink cabinet was painted with Rustoleum chalk paint in ‘Coral’

What was your most indulgent purchase for the extension and which was your best bargain?
I think the Carrara marble kitchen worktops and splash backs. We also got a marble table top made up from the same slab so it all matched and had steel table legs manufactured. The marble I was not going to compromise on and did take a lot of persuading but now I feel like it’s the best feature.
Our best bargain I would say was the marble fireplace in our middle room which I got from gumtree with the hearth for £500. Also the silver roll top bath which was discounted by 50% because it had a tiny scratch on the side that faced a wall.
You’ve kept your neutral colour scheme in the house – is this hard to maintain with a toddler?!
I’m a bit scared of colour, although I’m definitely getting braver as we live here longer and slowly making changes now we’re settled. I do have to go round every few months with a brush and touch up bits of white, it’s always good to keep the spare paint!
Any nightmare/builder issues/ problems?
Our ground floor tiles caused a nightmare. The underfloor heating used with the tile adhesive meant that 4 months after the build we had to empty out our furniture and have the tiles all lifted and bought and relaid again. It was a bad time for us but we got over it eventually!!
Is it easier having all of Rocco’s toys in one place?
Yes! He was not meant to get a playroom but he sort of stole it and I’m not sure I could live without it now. Most of his bits fit in an old armoire and storage bags and tents now, so it looks tidy maybe one day a weekly least….
What advice would you give to anyone going through building work with a baby/toddler?
We found it okay to be honest and the digger proved really popular and it was an ideal time to potty train!!!

Thank so much for answering these questions for me Nicky, despite being days before giving birth (trust me to be a little last minute)!

You can follow Nicky’s Instagram with her gorgeous home and family here.


  1. Really inspiring post, lots of fabulous ideas and tips!
    In other news, The Frugality is mentioned in today’s You magazine online article, The Seven Ages of Fashion, I’ve copied and tried to inc link, hopefully! You’re probably aware, but just in case! Lin Herts xx

    1. Oh thank you – I have to be honest, after that M&S article where over 700 people called myself and Erica Davies ‘frumpy’, my heart sinks a bit when told I’m in a Daily Mail link!! You mag not so bad thank goodness xx

      1. Frumpy? Really? Omgoodness? But that’s just crackers! Sorry I wasn’t aware of that! You magazine article was a v brief mention, and nothing frumpy (still scratching my head in a puzzled fashion!) xx

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful house! So restrained and tasteful. Love the pic of the messy bedroom too as real live is like that. Can I ask what the dark colour by the fire place is please?

  3. Rocco is such a sweetie and seems a natural in front
    of the camera too. Just think you’ll soon have a little playmate for them both. How lovely is that!

  4. Please could. Ask your sistér where she got the print below the ‘you, me, qui’ one, its in light wood frame of a plant. Many thanks Emma

  5. Looks amazing, total House Goals!! Do you know if your sister used a specialist loft conversion company, and if so, would she recommend them? If she used builders would she recommend them? We’re in SW London too and considering a loft conversion so any recommendations would be brilliant!

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