The perfect, affordable, easy to clean rug

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I haven’t really bought any clothes lately, the next part of the house renovation is about to hit full throttle and all of our money has gone on brass fittings for our bathroom (now not even sure why we started with it – it is SO expensive!).

It does, however, mean that I am out browsing the interiors stores, both in store and online on a daily basis so am brimming with ideas on that front.

Last week, I was in Ikea and bought a jute rug for £75 for my office. I bought it mainly because I needed something which would stay flat, look clean with a lot of footfall in an office where you wouldn’t take off your shoes, plus still look chic in years to come. Enter the trustworthy jute – and I got a lot of questions on Instagram Stories – it measures 200cm x 300cm so a decent size for most living rooms, too.

Turns out, it’s a fashion favourite too, as this is actually the one in Sarah Clark’s house (from Little Spree):

See the full blogpost on Sarah Clark’s house here.

I also love the idea of the rug not being the main event in the room, you can change the walls as you which or add some furniture with a pop of colour, and this neutral tone will gel it all together.

‘Lohals’ rug: £75, Ikea

Image via Pinterest

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