Rock n’ Roll

Blazer: All Saints (old). Skinny silk scarf: £8, Asos. Blouse: £39.99, Zara. Jeans: £49.95, Gap.  Bag: Debenhams (old)

You’ve probably already figured this out…but I’m not very rock n’ roll. I have wonky holes in my ears after chickening out mid-piercing and moving my head. My favourite rock n’ roll song is by Gary Glitter (‘Rock and Roll, part 2’ was the surprise dance floor hit at our wedding) and there is nothing I like more than a cup of herbal tea in my pyjamas on a Friday night, frankly.

Naturally, this style of dressing doesn’t come easy to me, either. But after seeing the Chloe A/W show and its basic mantra of ‘throw a scarf on it’, I decided to give it a go. And I’m sorry to admit I wasn’t even cool enough to iron out the creases of my brand new skinny scarf to achieve said look. That’s just the kind of girl I am…
Blazer: All Saints (old). Blouse: £39.99, Zara. Skinny scarf: £8, Asos. Jeans: £49.95,Gap. Sunglasses: Celine at Sunglasses ShopBag: Debenhams (old). Sandals: €125, Ancient Greek Sandals
Now I bought this blazer over 8 years ago from All Saints, back when I used to work at Eve Magazine (I remember because the Shopping Editor at the time had the same one). I think it’s the only thing I own from there – but it is excellent quality and stood the test of time. When sometimes people say my blog is about throwaway fashion, I like to point out the longevity of most of my wardrobe. The jeans too are a classic style – the ‘True Skinny’ from Gap – they just get better with age.
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And for the finishing touch? I’ve been wearing this Tada & Toy earcuff to add a rocky edge to the simplest of outfits (excuse the dodgy half selfie – another skill I have yet to develop!). It’s £38 and you don’t need to have your ears pierced – true rockers need not apply….
Gold-plated hoop earring: £29.99, H Samuel. Rose-gold star earcuff: £38, Tada & Toy. Wearing chubby lips in ‘Red’, Accessorize


  1. I think you've totally nailed 'rock 'n' roll' here…love this look on you….and of course, now I just *have* to get a skinny scarf.
    PS I saw your pretty face flash up as I flicked past QVC the other day. Sadly, the kids were unimpressed with my 'Oh look!! I know someone off the telly' 🙂 x

  2. Well I think you pass brilliantly on this one. I also struggle with rock'n'roll chick looks and consequently still don't have a leather biker. It's not that I don't suit one, I'm not sure I actually look like the kind of girl who wears one … convincingly. But I might give it a go – you never know! And on the subject of pierced ears, I ran off after I had my first ear done – they had to go and find me to do the second ear #ouch

    1. Hilarious!!! My sister teased me (and still does) about my wonky ear piercings! And I know what you mean about a biker, I only bought one last year and it's a total adjustment – but I've worn it so many times x

  3. I don't see your blog as throwaway fashion. You help me to figure me out how to get the most for my budget. I also really like your style. You look like yourself, the rock chic look can be pretty boring and generic too, but the skinny scarf is brilliant.

  4. I have been reading your brilliant blog almost daily now for 2 years. I don't see it as 'throw away fashion' at all, I enjoy your site so much as your advice on how to spend money wisely is so useful. Frugal to me means careful and wise spending – thanks for your authenticity and great taste!

    1. What I love about doing my blog is exactly that – frugal means different things to different people – everyone is on a budget (whether it be large or small) and I hope I help in some way. Thank you for reading for the last 2 years, it is so lovely to receive comments from people that regularly enjoy xx

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