Trail blazer

Blazer: £39.99, H&M. Flats: £49, Kurt Geiger. Tee: £20, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Bag: €195, Paris 64. Photographs: Eva K Salvi.

If I could describe my ‘can’t live without’ styling piece in my wardrobe, it’s the blazer. I don’t have tons, but I definitely have enough.

That is, until I saw this one in H&M.

Since having a baby, I am definitely dressing in failsafe outfits, but I think it’s important to feel pulled together when out (mainly because I am totally not pulled together at home – greasy hair, barely wet wiped face, sick down my dressing gown which I rarely get changed out of).

Corduroy seemed to have its moment last year, and in particular pink corduroy. And to be honest, I thought it might be over by now but when I saw this online I had to have it. The perfect pick me up to a jeans, tee and flats combination.

Blazer: £39.99, H&M. Flats: £49, Kurt Geiger. Tee: £20, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Bag: €195, Paris 64.

If I’m honest, I’m feeling a bit uninspired by outfit posts on the blog these days. I love showing and wearing clothes but feel that Instagram often covers it all so much these days. But with the constant refresh of new and stories which are all ‘buy me, buy me’ I feel sometimes a bit stuck between always showing the new and then wearing old outfits all the time which often don’t have much of a narrative other than ‘an outfit I wore’.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this…

I’m definitely slowing down in terms of outfit content on this blog and hopefully doing posts whereby I have something really fab to tell you about or an interesting way to style something. More like once a month.

I hope I can still inspire you fashion-wise, even if it is less frequently these days, but this is a jacket I bought, wore, loved and will continue to love for years to come.

Blazer: £39.99, H&M. Flats: £49, Kurt Geiger. Tee: £20, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Bag: €195, Paris 64.


  1. Hi Alex
    I completely understand what you’re saying. At the moment I’m very pregnant so not posting all the time as I’m basically in the same old clothes.
    I’m always inspired by your looks whether it may be new or old. I don’t think you need new things all the time to inspire people. It’s all about how you style things for me, whether it be mixing patterns or colours I wouldn’t usually wear.
    Love your style.
    Thaarani x

    1. Alex it’s so lovely to see your posts when they say ‘old’ next to an item of clothing, I really think you’ve stuck to trying to really be frugal when purchasing clothes and I think that is more realistic for the everyday women, we’re not out in the world purchasing lots items of clothing on the regular. And I think your conscience decision to be more sustainable comes through in your work online and I know it’s rubbing off on me, so hopefully we’ll have a world of more sustainable fashionable dressed people! P.s wish I was brave enough to wear such a light pink, I always feel like Babe in light pink being size 16/18 it’s that sausage arm look I’m afraid off.

    2. Aaah thank you, hope you’re feeling good in yourself and not too hot! Yes think these fashion posts will be more about ways to wear and style than focusing on new in constantly – it reflects my life and hopefully society in general at the moment! x

  2. Similar to the above really! I am so bored with all the constant new outfits/must have items/changing room shots (even though I avidly watch them anyway!!) for me I find your content more relatable as I shop and wear things in a similar way. I’m inspired seeing a new scarf you’ve put with an old favourite beautiful coat, for example.
    Love the way you wear things and write and your style is so effortless. Naturally chic and not try hard, which I find a lot of stuff is at the moment! X

    1. It’s funny, isn’t it – stories especially has created this culture of ‘can’t look away’. I never watch Trinny’s stories as she made me cry at my first job and I’ve refused to support her but I know her changing room videos are hugely popular! x

  3. Eeek it’s so hard isn’t it?! Everything is continually evolving and personally – as a teeny tiny blogger – I feel like once I’ve caught on I’m behind again. That said, I’m always inspired by your posts, but I do love it when you give practical advice say re your home or your Tresemme styling tips! And once a month would be great for me to read too! I’ve decided myself to ditch trying to lifestyle blog as I think there are so many awesome people like yourself doing it so well already, so I’m trying something different too, I rebranded as Lau Lau Land and I’m doing style inspired by iconic movie fashion moments… my point is basically that I think sometimes you have to go back to what brings you the most joy and look at how you can share that passion! Looking forward to seeing where you go from here! Laura xx

  4. I know what you mean, Instagram can be unrelenting in the hunt/demand for the “high street hero.” E.g. it is a lovely M&S jumpsuit (we have all seen it all over IG!) But I refuse to jump (haha, see what I did there!) on the bandwagon and buy it. Am I really going to wear it next year (however totally see the value of a pink cord blazer, so am slightly contradicting myself.) Personally I really like what you do and your approach/style. I like seeing you wear the same things, that helps me to look into my wardrobe. You’ve a good balance between style, home, personal with a bit of paid ads thrown in for good measure.

  5. I hope people don’t give up on blogs as I like reading articles when I’m searching for something. Instagram stories disappear so aren’t especially searchable, and Instagram photo hashtags are impossible to locate things though thanks to the multiple tagging of irrelevant things. I always skim through blogs when linked but my favourite are always things like ways to wear something with multiple outfits, suggestions of how to mix things up, etc, as it’s quick to search out if it’s a Saturday morning and I want a quick idea of what to wear with my white trainers that day! ? I like that you feature old season things as it forces me to be creative and more frugal. Love Denmark based use-less for this especially but if I’m honest prefer your style and the quirkiness and colour (and the baby pics ha!) X

  6. I love your stories and Instagram is amazing it’s nice to sit and read a blog post, re read it and then maybe a few months or the next year (if it is a seasonal post – like knitwear or Christmas attire). Maybe the once the month is better for you as you will have a full juicy post to write. Keep them coming. I love them and the jacket is amazing! X

  7. Totally agree with the first comment and the one above. It’s definitely a mix of your thoughts, first impressions and how you style. It’s not always about gotta have the newest thing, way too much commercialism and not honest advice for your general audience who may not have a crazy amount of expendable income. Investment pieces, requesting oldie but is a goodie, restyling pieces and changing up a casual “normal” (ad or not) look is totally what keeps me coming back to you

  8. I think you have an amazing ability to capture people’s attention by “how” you style..not so much “what” you style. So many Instagram accounts and blogs are now flooded with the latest arrivals and are creating are really bad space where we become addicted to buying new stuff instead of recycling what we have. Personally I’d love to see even more of you restyling items in your wardrobe and showing how to keep them fresh and stylish. Getting us inspired to be creative with what we already have rather than buying something new.

  9. Personally, I love how you mix in new pieces or restyle ones that you still love from previous seasons. I think that’s far more inspiring than the buy buy buy crowded field of bloggers. It’s more realistic and is what inspires me and keeps me coming back.

    Also, Insta is not a blog replacement IMHO. Especially since it’s someone else’s platform. I like knowing I have my own space on the Interwebz. I set my own algorithm, and so do you!

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