3 interiors brands on my refurb radar

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Yep. Back in refurb mode. but this time it’s the rest of the flat. People keep asking me if we’re almost finished (and with reason, it has been over 6 months) but the truth is time and money is causing it to take much longer than anticipated. The carpets in the hall have been up for 4 months now and in our stinginess in refusing to pay someone to scrape off the years of paint, but lack of time to do so ourselves, we are stuck in a bit of limbo.

So that’s where the dreaming comes in. Spending evenings browsing Pinterest, BHS lighting sections and new interiors sites has made me realise – there are a lot of good interiors websites out there.



Okay, it’s probably already on everyone else’s radar but why hadn’t I really known about it before? It’s kind of like a marketplace website but with really chicly edited, curated stores – like Holly’s House, Bloomingville, Tom Dixon etc. They sell other stuff too, womenswear, kids and magazines etc but it’s homewares where I really get distracted…

Grey marble votive, £6.50, Trouva


Baskets, £39.95, Trouva


Copper desk lamp, £65, Trouva



Now I can’t actually be held responsible for finding this gem, my sister (who actually has far better taste than me in interiors) pointed this store out on Instagram. So chic, effortless – that raw edge minimalism I’ve spoken about here. The site is simple yet dreamy with the perfect pom pom edge bathmat, the must-have Hammam towels and beautiful apothecary products (gift giving dilemmas forever sorted).


Striped pom pom mat:£48, Wood/Grey. Coconut water face mist: £25, Herbivore at Wood/Grey
Grey stripe Hammam towel: £20, Wood/Grey



Wire chair, £99, Madam Stoltz at Out There Interiors

It’s not super cheap, but we all know that good furniture just isn’t. I came across this brand only recently, and it is a slightly more affordable Bloomngville with its Scandi design aesthetic. Lots of marble, copper and gold touches as well as wire racks and excellent storage porn.

Marble coffee table: £250, Madame Stoltz at Out There Interiors
Copper wall rack: £49, Madam Stoltz at Out There Interiors

And then lastly (I know, I said 3, and this is kind of a 4th brand), La Redoute is back on my radar for homewares. Once again, Erica Davies has beat me to it with her kilim style rug and then Lindsey from Ropes of Holland has an amazing retro desk I’ve been eyeing up, and this marble console table is just what I’m looking for our hallway:

Marble console table: £199,  La Redoute



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