3 time-saving ways to do your hair like a PRO {in partnership with Tresemme}

In regards to hair, we all know that the aim of the game, for me, is to look as chic as I can whilst also spending the least amount of grooming time possible. So I’m sharing three tips for the time poor to achieve salon effects at home with minimal effort.

Biotin + Repair 7 Instant Recovery Mask: £6.10, Tresemme.


I love the benefits of a hair mask, but sometimes life doesn’t allow me the time to relax in the bath whilst it sets in. So once a week, I will leave it in whilst I potter around the house and sort my wardrobe for the week ahead, I get to indulge in something that makes me feel good (the mask) whilst also getting through my to-do list (my other love!).


This is something I didn’t really realise I did until recently but in terms of reparation it helps me hugely if I wash my hair the evening before I have a big job or a shoot. Washing my hair not only relaxes me the night before, it also allows me time to let my hair air dry so I am limiting the amount of heated appliances I am using. I use Botanique Nourish and Replenish shampoo which helps to keep it looking sleek and shiny. It also means I’m not still working on my hair 10 minutes after I need to be out the door – when I wake up, I fix my hair in 10 minutes and go.

Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo: £4.99, Tresemme.


If you only invest in one product for your hair ever, make it the Heat Defence Spray. It will save your from everyday heat damage, as well as keeping it sleek, plus it’s far easier and simple than any salon treatment – just spritz before blow drying or using irons or tongs, and you’re done. Even I have time for that.

Heat defence spray: £5.50, Tresemme (this has, in fact, just won a Glamour award for best heat protector).

This post was in collaboration with Tresemme, all images and creative direction is my own.


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