4 London museums and galleries that are free admission (but a donation is nice)

Coat: £69, Marks & Spencer. Bag: Sandro (old). Tee: Gap (old). Jeans: Gap (old). Shoes: Mango(old). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

We are SO lucky that most of the museums and galleries in the UK are free, this isn’t really the case in most other countries.

I probably didn’t time this post very well, after the school holidays, but I’m pretty sure this is useful information at any time of the year. These are my favourite galleries in London which also happen to be free…


Both Tate Modern and Tate Britain are free, but personally I love Britain – it’s always much quieter due to its location and the free art is so extensive plus a wonderful mix of both classic and modern. I have been so many times, but every time I find something new or see it with fresh eyes – and if you do pay extra for the exhibitions, they are always so worth it – we LOVED the All Too Human exhibition this summer (we are actually Tate Members now to help support the galleries).

Rachel Whiteread’s tiny working dollhouses at V&A Museum of Childhood


Obviously, the V&A museum is amazing but I thought I’d add their lesser known museum in Bethnal Green here. Educational? yes. Fun? That, too. At first we were a bit disappointed as we assumed children could play with toys throughout history but it’s more of an interactive tour of toys from years gone by. But there are so many trails and workshops to keep kids busy, not to mention nostalgia for us adults, too.


I think this might be my most favourite hidden gem in the whole of London. It’s in W1, it’s quiet, the decor is breathtaking, not to mention the Rembrandt, Canaletto, Jan Steen, Franz Hals artwork on display.

And did I mention it was free….?

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to while away an hour or so behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street – add it on your list for the next time you go.


I hadn’t been to The British Museum for years, it always reminded me of school trips being herded around, but we recently went to the Hokusai exhibition and fell back in love with it. As a Classicist, the ancient Greek artefacts in particular are fascinating and again, there are so many trails and activity packs set up for young kids.

Again, we are so lucky that places like this are free for us to use, and I plan on taking Peggy on a regular basis. Other museums on our ‘to-do’ list are The Horniman, The Museum of London and The Imperial War Museum (my aunt Betty, who used to live in Borough, was one of the voices they used on the phones where you could listen to their war stories!) – are there any others we’ve missed that you can recommend?


  1. The Fitzwilliam in Cambridge is also great! It’s an easy 15min or so walk from the train station. (Their cafe also has a great coronation chicken sandwich!)

  2. I love the Saatchi gallery. It’s free too! The art varies wildy but there’s always something to engage and the building itself has a great vibe. Highly recommend.

    Love your selections too!

  3. Can I suggest Kenwood House – great walks nearby too & Sir John Soane Museum. I love how London has so many wonderful places to see for free

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