8 items worth buying that are still in the sales

Arriving back in the UK mid January wasn’t exactly ideal for the sales. I feel like I missed the boat really, and was wondering if there was actually anything left, which sparked me to do a last minute sales post. There are still a few bargains to be had – get them before they go (or I buy the last size!):

Wide leg jeans, reduced from £55 to £38, Asos

I just bought these, so I hope they’re good. I’ve really been moving slowly towards wide leg jeans recently, and hoping these are a good length to wear with clogs (big for next season, bringing out my Swedish Hasbeens!) as well as flats (plus I pretty much have the rest of this outfit at home so could achieve this look easily). 

Studded slip-on flats, reduced from £425 to £213, Jimmy Choo 

My leopard print ‘Wheel’ flats are probably my most useful item in my wardrobe (and so comfortable). I’ve had mine for about 5 years now so cost per wear they’re doing well. They do have a gold pair for cheaper but I think these are a better option. And don’t be put off, at first glance it looks like they’re all sold out but some are just ‘low in stock’ especially popular sizes 38.5 and 39 (they come true to size).

Bath sheets, reduced from £23 each to £16.10, The White Company

Boring interiors chat here (but we all know this gets us more excited). I love The White Company, really love it, but we also know that items like towels and bedding stay quite same-y. I will generally always wait until the sale to buy my big investment pieces. Here the bigger the towel you go, the better the discount, and if you’re getting a few it all adds up.

‘Phoebe’ jeans, reduced from £225 to £157.50, M.i.h Jeans

My favourite jeans, in the sale – what can be better? Yes they’re still not cheap but I think these are such a classic now that they’ll last and last you. I would size down if you’re inbetween sizes.

100% cashmere jumper, £99.95 reduced to £69.99, Gap

Not the biggest discount I’ve ever seen, but it’s cashmere. And I have this in light grey and it really is the cosiest cashmere jumper I own. Plus a grey jumper really should be in your wardrobe by now, so why not let it be cashmere?

Leather sandals, £120 reduced to £84, Valia Gabriel

A shoe to buy in the sale that is actually appropriate for the next season? It cannot be…but yes, this sandal (which I was looking at for ages full price) is in the sale. The bad news: only those of the small feet need apply (36 and 37s left).

‘Moment of Calm’ rose and neroli candle, was £30, now £17.99, Neom Organics

That other thing I do in sale time, stock up on chic things reduced to half price to give to friends as gifts so I look super generous. We all do that, don’t we? Neom is one of the best candle brands out there and I love the smugness of getting it at a bargain price.

Washbag: £66, Anya Hindmarch at Monnier Freres

I have been waiting for ages for these to go down in the sale (and on Net A Porter, this is still full price) and pounced as soon as it did. It’s the perfect size make-up bag and looks super chic on the go.


  1. I love Neom candles and their diffusers, amazing scents and no nasties in them. Forgot to check out their sale so ta for the tip off. I always find that you tend to get the better sale buys mid to end of January so you are in time, don't worry! x

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