7 of the best: festive red lips

Lipstick in ‘Hazard’: £8, Topshop. Coat: £69, Marks & Spencer. Shirt: £80, Gant. Glasses: Bailey Nelson. Photograph: Christopher O’Donnell
I never used to wear much red lipstick in my 20s, I always found it a bit OTT. But as I get older, I understand it’s appeal to feel ‘done’, I remember a friend saying she loved it because if she wasn’t wearing any makeup, the pop of red made her feel a ‘little’ glamorous and I tend to agree.
On holiday especially, when I like to let my skin breathe, I often go out without make-up but a bright lip and it’s the obvious choice now Christmas is on its way. I asked Facebook a little while back on everyone’s favourites, and there was a great discussion on it, so thought I’d share the ones I love…God knows why I have so many red lipsticks, maybe that’s why I am struggling to afford a new kitchen! But I am also highlighting their differences by doing this post so…they’re all justified.

1. Bobbi Brown ‘Bright Poppy’

This colour is super matte, and almost a vibrant orange. In my head, it’s very Jenny Lyons, which is why I chose to wear this shade for my J Crew event. As I often have a (bit of a) tan, I like to opt for a red with a hint of orange as find it a bit more flattering (some reds make my skin look quite yellow).


Clothes: Next (old)
This lipstick, to me, is the perfect red – it feels so grown-up, like the kind of lipstick my mum always carried in her purse when I was younger (when she wore YSL ‘Poison’ perfume). It glides on super smoothly and when I wore it for a hen weekend, all my friends asked about it as it stayed put the entire day.



Jumper: £19.99, H&M. Jeans: £34.99, Gap. Boots: Tabitha Simmons (old)


This lipstick came as part of a lip duo (named after the ever gorgeous Vivien Leigh), and I must confess to not trying the accompanying lip gloss – sticky red lips makes me tense, especially with light hair. This is almost a dark pinky red, again, very matte – and works so well with light colours.


Trench: J Crew(old). Top: $59, Storets. Jeans: £54.95, Gap. Shoes: £49.99, Zara.
I had no opinions on Smashbox until a few friends raved about their primers (which also, I never knew anything about until last year). Now I’m hooked on the primer, the hydrating foundation and basically everything about the brand. it just works, and this red is the perfect classic red – it looks darker than it comes out and I believe it’s set to be iconic.
Shirt: £59, Hush. Glasses: Bailey Nelson
Possibly the darkest of my reds (but looks even darker on the site), this is a great cheap fix. Easy to wear, a matte finish and perfect for everyday use. I really rate Topshop beauty,  I also love their lip bullet pencils and they do the best red nail polish in ‘Pillarbox’ for £5.


Coat: £69, Marks & Spencer. Shirt: £80, Gant. Glasses: Bailey Nelson.
So I also found out that these were none of your choices for red lippy! What can I say, I like to be different. So I’ve included a few below (along with some great buys this month, if you’re not spending all your money on Christmas!):
1. Earrings: £6.99, H&M
2. Blouse: £19.99, H&M
3. Matte lipstick in ‘Red Carpet Red’: £23, Charlotte Tilbury
4. Heels: reduced to £28, Wallis
5. Frayed hem jeans: £46, Topshop
6. Chambray jumpsuit: £80, Hush
7. Wool coat: £139.99, Mango
8. Leather bag: reduced to £97.30, Radley
9. Leather trainers: £49.99, Vans at Zalando
10. Matte lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’: £15.50, MAC


  1. There is nothing more I like than lipstick and especially red. I agree with your friend, it's effortless glam and I rely on it to keep me looking somewhat presentable. It was the only way I would stand out so I started wearing it all the time from uni onward and I will never stop adoring it. I know I have too many but when there is blue red, orange red, pink red and wine red, I have to have as many as possible to give me all the options


    1. I never wore it until recently but such a cheap fix! And agree the tones can be so different – there is a brand called Lipstick Queen whose lipsticks are blue and green but layer on like a sheer red – so interesting! x

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