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Cashmere hoodie: Madeleine Thompson (old but buy similar here). Coat: Boden (sold out). T-shirt: Modern Society (instore). Jeans: £39.99, Gap. Bag: Marks & Spencer (sold out). High tops: £59, Converse.  Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

I must admit, this is pretty much the first time since Christmas day I’ve actually worn anything without an elasticated waist. M&S cashmere track pants were my holiday friend, and I couldn’t completely give up the comfort clothes for my first outfit post of 2017.

I’ve had this cashmere hoodie for years, it actually replaced a Primark one I had about 9 years ago which I left on a shoot in Palm Springs and was almost inconsolable. This one comes with me on nearly every flight and especially on location shoots where it’s good weather but almost always cold early morning starts. And of course, it’s perfect for winter down days too. This is definitely one of those default ‘not sure what to wear’ looks for me, and with the weather taking a turn for the colder, I could always do with an extra layer (and an extra hood).

I also can’t do this post without mentioning the past year. Although not one of the strongest years politically, I was able to experience some amazing opportunities through my blog and career. The highlights, for me, were being asked to talk at Stylist Live, attending New York Fashion Week with my husband, my J Crew store event, a blog redesign, being part of The Telegraph’s ‘Best Dressed’ list of 2016′ and my Bella Freud shopping evening.

And personally, this year I finally paid off my student loan and cleared my credit card, which motivated us to get our finances in gear and ended up buying a house! We moved in on 21st December which was pretty stressful (just 2 days after exchanging!) but we are in now and excited for the next big project – which will take us a good few years (you can follow my Instagram Stories for daily updates if you’re interested).

Coat: Boden (old). Cashmere hoodie: Madeleine Thompson (old but buy similar here). Jeans: £39.99, Gap. Bag: Marks & Spencer (sold out). Bracelets: Astley Clarke and Auree x The London Chatter (from the Tembo collection supporting Rangers charity to stop elephant poaching).

As the house was such a big venture for us, new clothes have not been top of my to-do list, so that is also why this outfit post is quite old clothing – but also things I’ve worn pretty much non stop this winter.

Once I get a desk set up though, I guarantee I’ll be buying a few select new things – if only to make me feel a bit better about the state we’re living in (no shower, hot water or kitchen at the moment!).

Coat: Boden (sold out). Cashmere hoodie: Madeleine Thompson (old but buy similar here). T-shirt: Modern Society (instore). Jeans: £39.99, Gap. Bag: Marks & Spencer (sold out). High tops: £59, Converse.  

So I suppose all that’s left to say is: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thank you for reading, on what is now my 5th anniversary of writing this blog. The site has come a long way since then, but it really wouldn’t have been possible without all you lovely people reading, commenting, supporting and ‘liking’. It means so much to me and every time I get an email or message from someone who reads my site or has bought the same carpet or sink, or jeans – it astounds me. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and wonderful 2017.


  1. All the very best with the new gaff Alex! Is it near where these photos were taken? I’m not really a London person but know some areas, am sure you will get the lay of the land soon! Can’t believe it’s 5 years, looking forward to the next 5 and beyond (even though I’m now based in Melbourne) and getting my British high street shopping fix vicariously through you! Pip x

    1. Thanks Pip! I always have to shoot in central London as the area I live is not so chic – lots of rubbish bins on streets, few chicken bones etc! It’s in North London – totally new vibe and look forward to getting used to it. I love Melbourne, have some friends there I visited a few years back – so beautiful – and luckily you’ll have warm weather right now! xx

  2. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary and Happy New House, Alex! I discovered your blog about a year ago and ever since then I check it daily. Thank you so much for your inspirational posts. Looking forward to many more to come. Brigitte xx

  3. first post for me… love the blog, your look is very much in line with my own, and I am a bargain junkie! Having admired your M&S bag for ages I finally scored one in the sale and it’s every bit as useful and versatile as stated, so thanks for that nudge!
    Also a N. London bird, so will look out for some posts featuring the beauty of the north… over here in N16 is pretty picturesque and I reckon well worth a shoot!
    Thanks for the posts and keep it up. K

    1. Amazing find – was tempted to get my sister the navy one I saw in the sale – it’s such a useful size, isn’t it? Yes still getting used to North – thinking I need to check out a few local areas for pictures, and for pubs 🙂 xx

  4. Congrats on the move and the 5th anniversary! Loving your house updates on Snapchat/Stories. Now, did I miss where that leopard coat is from?

    1. Thank you! So my new year’s resolution was to cut down on apps – so I’m just on Stories now 🙂 oh and thanks for asking, I completely forgot to credit the coat. The coat is old from Boden and sold out sadly – I vaguely remember looking and then forgot to credit when I realised it wasn’t in stock anymore – sorry! xx

  5. Hi Alex I’ve been following you for just over a year and have bought a number of items showcased on your blog. Including the m and s bag. One of my best purchases last year. I also got the Next black pleated skirt to wear over Xmas and I love it! I tried those jeans you’re wearing too but for me -45years – I think I looked like I was trying to hard! Sticking with my skinnies for now. Looking forward to your Alexa buys this year. It’s definitely a dry shopping January for me. What with your blog and Erica’s and Kat’s i’m always tempted to spend! Must reign it in this year. But keep it going I live it all. You’re style is so chic!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Yes, not too much new stuff for me this year – our bathroom just took the last of our savings 🙁 yes, love that M&S bag and next skirt – some of my fave items this year! xxx

  6. congratulations on your new home! I have followed you for a long time now, you have inspired me to start my own blog, I would love it if you would have a look and let me know what you think, I’m going to be writing some interiors posts soon. I loved the way you did your flat! It must have been hard leaving that wonderful loft? Anyway, onwards and upwards I am sure your new home will look just as stunning when finished,
    Juliet x

  7. Happy New Year Alex! I absolutely adore your blog and IG!! 🙂 So glad I stumbled upon it. Have you ever done a “top 5/10 clothing staples” list? I would love to hear your thoughts about what are worthy long-term investments, particularly now that you are focusing on the house and not necessarily currently buying new clothes.

    1. Hi Bianca,
      Oh this is such a good idea – added it to my list! If you were to ask quickly I’d say Bella Freud knit, Gap cashmere, Paige skinny jeans, a Uniqlo breton and a Whistles coat – this is all I’ve been wearing since living in a shell of a hoe and just needing comfort and warmth! xxx

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