A room of one’s own…

Jumper: £80,  Hades. Skirt: V by Very (sold out). Chair: £260, House of Fraser. Artwork via Partnership Editions. Bench: £245, House of Fraser. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

So it may not seem that exciting, but last night we slept in a room where we didn’t have to wear outside shoes. It was a game-changer.

After six months of sleeping in the master bedroom having made no changes with the exception of the curtains (and that was because there weren’t any), we decided to move into this spare room temporarily.

In terms of furniture, we don’t know exactly what room this will be in the future. But for now, we wanted to make it as cosy and relaxing as possible. We knew we would go for grey walls (in fact this colour is the same as our door in our last flat – Farrow & Ball ‘Manor House Gray’) but mixing a bit of pink AND green? I never would have thought it possible this time last year but things have changed.

I’m going with the Soho House theme I read of ‘just buying what you like’ and it will just all fit together eventually – and feel more ‘lived in’ than anything too stylised.


I’m loving a bit of rattan furniture at the moment and this bench and chair are so versatile – useful at the moment to store stuff but they would equally fit in any other room in the house. I love how a cushion or sheepskin throw can completely change how they look.

Chair: £260, House of Fraser. Cushion: H&M Home (old).

Bed linen: House of Fraser.

And as for the sheets? Well, I’m not sure why I’ve never had blush pink sheets before…they’re dreamy. These are from the Junipa range (as are the chair and bench) and are a washed texture so have that ‘lived in’ feel and I love the soft colour pop they provide without the starkness of white.

The pink isn’t too ‘girly’, either, so you can usually get away with it with the other half…It’s a small step towards painting an entire room pink (don’t worry, he’s coming round to it).

Because those chocolate croissants from Lidl are too good to share…

It’s slightly like living in a parallel universe (my husband describes it as ‘Red Dwarf’) when we walk along our corridor which is covered in paint and plaster and we pass this room of pure serenity. It makes me want to just dive into the room…and anything that does that is the perfect room for me.

This post was in collaboration with House of Fraser homewares.


  1. Looks great. I was lay in bed reading this and my sheets are the same colour combination and I love them! I just had a Cole & Son dark charcoal paper on the back wall and wanted something to soften it so went for soft pink duvet and dark grey bottom sheet and pillow cases. I found them at Next and they’re great quality and value. Duvet and cases are 300 thread count and bottom sheet is 600! Think I might need that chair to finish it off though.

  2. It looks fab – so calm and serene! What size did you go for in the rug from French Connection? I’ve been umming and aahing over it for ages! X

  3. Im in love with the colour scheme you’ve used….especially the white floor, a real modern/minimalist take on a Parisian look. Super happy you finished the room too – it must feel like such an achievement after all the work you guys have put in. Enjoy x

    1. Love that Minimalist take on a Parisian look – essentially the dream! Oh it feels so lovely to have a room that we love – floor to ceiling and nothing we want to change! We’ve never had that before….

  4. loving your interiors posts / stories / instas – we’re literally going through the same thing right now!!

    We’re doing ours in two stages, we did some aesthetic (and a brick wall move, ahem) in the last two weeks in before we moved in so our bedroom was ready. And then we’re now doing plans for a rear extension & additional bedroom which will be when the crazy work starts. Excited and petrified all in one! It’s the interiors that are eeping me going now – loving your grey floor boards!! We’ve gone white but started to think about changing for a grey in the future! Love it.

    Mel x mediamarmalade.com

    1. Lovely to hear people going through the same thing! We now have two finished rooms and one sane room which is liveable and then once we’ve finished the study we’re stopping for a while – it just adds up! Now I can sleep in a room with barefeet and no dust I’m happy! Enjoy the dust when the big work starts!!

  5. The rug is sold out ?…I was only looking at it at the weekend, that’ll teach me! Through your connections, you don’t happen to know of it will come back??
    Loving your house updates by the way!

      1. And then I got lucky! I persevered and its back in stock 🙂
        Looking forward to getting it on my living room floor!
        Thanks Alex x

  6. It’s so important to have a sanctuary away from the mayhem, enjoy it! We did wear slippers in the dusty parts of our house, but took them off when we used the bathroom, so not to track dust onto our charcoal tiles.
    Our makeshift kitchen, is now my study, and comprised of a fridge, microwave, a set of shelves with a fold away table and chairs. We even had my parents stay for a week during this chaos.
    Luckily is doesn’t last, and each room finished is a delight, as is having crisp new sheets to fall onto at the end of the day.

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