A/W 17: The Trends to Know

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Fashion. What’s that again?

So between wearing tracksuit bottoms and maternity leggings (yes, I’m 4 months pregnant) I haven’t really been thinking too much of trends lately. I have actually barely bought anything for the new season, being a bit more cautious about my growing shape and my money!

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be selfless and think about the AW17 trends that you should be keeping your eye on (as requested by a few readers!). Well, here is what I would probably be buying if my mind wasn’t otherwise preoccupied with baby books and trying not to be sick on a daily basis (I’ve tried ginger biscuits, they don’t work for me, sadly!):

Boots: £36, Topshop


If you walk around any High Street store at the moment, you’ll notice pretty much every rail is filled with red. It’s a huge colour and one I’ve been championing for a while. My tip is go for an accessory like a pair of shoes or boots – they lift any outfit and can make jeans and a jumper look a whole lot more special.


Thinking that everyone on your Instagram feed is wearing a check blazer right now? Then you would be correct…because checks, specifically plaid and heritage prints like Prince of Wales are in for winter – investing in a check coat would be a good idea (I’ve seen this Debenhams coat up close on a shoot and it’s definitely a winner):

Coat: £140, J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams


My current trend of choice (mainly for their ease), a long sleeve dress that can take you from day to night will be the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Look for details such as florals and frills to really add the old lady factor but pair with boots to toughen it up. Obviously Ganni do my dream version but H&M, as always, has the next best thing…

Dress: £235, Ganni at Net A Porter

Dress: £49.99, H&M


This is more of a micro-trend but one I’m starting to really like – I saw this Kitri dress in their Marylebone pop-up store this week and can’t stop thinking about it, mainly because it just offers something a little different (Cefinn, Samantha Cameron’s brand also had a lot of zip detail on her dresses, when I viewed the collection).

Dress: £105, Kitri

Boots: £49.99, Mango


Okay, so bare with me here. Not the same brown unflattering cords you used to wear in your teens…look for interesting colours (the look du jour are the Mango pink cords) and a good cut. I love these from Finery – just imagine with a block heel and a chunky, cream oversized knit..

Corduroys: £79, Finery


We’ve been comfortable in our straight leg stonewash jeans for far too long, it seems. This season we’re moving onto dark denim, a smarter more structured feel – plus it’s all about that contrast stitching. Try working this into a ‘tonal’ look mixing with a navy knit for extra fashion brownie points – this crisp denim also looks good with a classic, oversized trench too.

Dress: £42, Topshop (not actually denim but the feel of the trend)

Jeans: £55, Arket

What I love about this season is that there really seems to be a return of colour and vibrancy – fashion is fun again. The world might be a scary place right now but at least we can enjoy a bit of escapism now and then.


  1. Thank you ….I’ve nailed red ,granny dresses and dark denim. I was going for a check coat but was unable to resist dark blue, furry with silver lining (I know) from M&S. I blame the 70’s when I was a teen.

    Good luck with the sickness…ginger tea???
    Take care lovely

    1. Furry blue with a silver lining?? That sounds INCREDIBLE – good find! Haven’t been able to drink hot drinks since I found out annoyingly….the only thing that helps is chips and coke – fine by me but slightly worried my baby might come out looking like a potato….!

      1. I had hyperemesis for the first 5 months of my pregnancy and the only think I could drink was (full fat) coke. My 4 year old is perfect so don’t worry!

        1. So coke and curly fries are the only thing that does it for me too! Anything slightly healthy like nuts or fruit don’t stay down – but I just feel guilty all the time…I’m only allowing myself 1 can a day but worry about diabetes?! xxx

  2. Congratulations on your lovely news, Alex! I’ve read your blog for the last four years and felt a bit daft to be so happy for someone I don’t actually know!

    I’m 22 weeks pregnant myself and am just going to invest in a few accessories this season – a red bag is on my list and maybe a granny dress, if I can find one that doesn’t look ridiculous on a growing bump.

    Fingers crossed the puking is over soon. I was throwing up about 5/6 times a day most days until week 14/15 but feeling a million times better now – the second trimester is much more fun, I promise! (And I was about ready to punch the next well-meaning person that suggested ginger to me!)


    1. Oh congratulations to you too! I’ve been loving the granny dresses for pregnancy – I added a skinny belt to a few to feel a bit less tent-like!
      Yes a man tried to tell me ginger biscuits helped at a hairdressers and I was ready to scream!! Fingers crossed the relief comes soon xx

      1. Hi Alex,

        I’m in love with the Green, floral H&M dress! On the pregnancy sickness, I found sucking on mints helpful! They do a great assortment in Aldi! Good luck x ✨

  3. This post is very timely as I went to Oxford Street yesterday to buy lots of new clothes. I didnt buy anything in the end and left feeling very confused as there is so much choice in the shops and I have definitely lost my way fashion-wise! Before I venture towards granny dresses though I feel I need to get the basics right – can you signpost to any previous posts about that? I would be bery grateful! X

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful news, another great post as always not sure I can pull off the granny dresses or corduroy trousers but hey maybe worth a try! Happy maternity shopping!!!

  5. Congratulations Alex! My top tip for the nausea is to not let your stomach get too empty; little and often is the way forward, and keep something to nibble on by your bed too.

    Take care and have fun with your maternity clothes!

  6. Just a quick congratulations and to say love your posts always approachable but aspirational!

    Sickness has just started for me – twister ice lollies are the only thing working for me! Also also has a Greek ginger yoghurt that I can tolerate with breakfast biscuits ?

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