Basic instinct

Cashmere scarf: £160, Lois Avery. Coat: Gant (old). Cashmere jumper: Gap (old). Leather jeans: £399, Baukjen (buy similar in the Gap sale here).  Bag: £155, Sezane. Trainers: £49.99, Vans. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

It’s these cold inbetween winter months where I realise I haven’t actually bought anything new to blog about. So I go back to basics: skinny jeans and grey jumpers on repeat. But it’s a look that is timeless and made me think about those must-have investment pieces…you spend a bit more on them in the beginning but they stand the test of time and last and last.

Leather leggings: yes these jeans cost A LOT of money. And I apologise. I worked with Baukjen last year on my edit for their blog (see the post here) and they kindly let me pick something. Of course I went for the leather jeans – not because they were the most expensive item but because they re-issue their leather leggings every season as they are a cult bestseller. These particular ones are more jeans with front pockets, so far more flattering than those flat fronted versions. Gap have a pair in the sale at the moment, too, which are worth checking out.

Grey crew-neck: these have become a bit of an obsession of mine. I own a lot but whenever I have a ‘not sure what to wear’ day they save me, every time. This is an old Gap cashmere one which I swear by – it is so soft and never bobbles.

Classic coat: if there’s one thing I can rely on to stay in fashion, it’s a warm coat. I generally wear navy, grey and leopard and they just go with everything I own. The best ones (Whistles, Gant etc) are expensive originally but still stay chic 5 years on.

Bag: £155, Sezane.

The black leather bag: a classic, clean cross-body bag will never let you down. This one from Sezane I’ve had for a little while now and love its simplicity.

My go-to stores for Basics are: Gap, Uniqlo, Cos and then at the higher end of the scale: Margaret Howell, Gant, Sezane and J Crew.

So I suppose we spend everyday getting excited by frills, ruffles and ‘newness’, when sometimes the most useful items are already in our wardrobe. I’m definitely finding this after a little bit of a spending cull with the new house. And it’s good to embrace a few of those more classic pieces sometimes and revive them.

Cashmere scarf: £160, Lois Avery. Coat: Gant (old). Cashmere jumper: Gap (old). Leather jeans: £399, Baukjen.  Bag: £155, Sezane. Trainers: £49.99, Vans. 


  1. Recently discovered your blog and love it! Can I ask you what size your feet are – I have huge feet and so am always conscious of how they look with outfits. Thanks

  2. Hi Quick question regarding the leather pants. I’ve noticed that in the past, some of mine stretch with wear and I suppose body heat, will these? Thanks

  3. So useful reminder to reuse the classic basics, and still it feels (lookes) so updated because of the way you combine colors and the little details: bag held higher, leather pant, blue scarf as opposed to black. And the hair:) Love this post!


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