Basics at their best {In partnership with Everlane}

Jumper: Everlane. Chinos: Everlane. Shoes: Everlane. Bag: Everlane. Photographs: Eva K Salvi.

Everlane. You may have heard the buzz, you may not. I had heard the hype about this cool, US brand storming the fashion scene with their uber transparency using the best, fair and ethical factories (read about their ethos here) so jumped at the chance to feature it here.

The concept is very simple: well-made, stylish clothes that will last, and with a positive attitude towards sustainability. I’d heard on good authority that their t-shirts were the best around and now it’s time to try their chinos. Super soft and so easy to wear, I’m feeling these might overtake my joggers as my most worn daily go-to. And I purposely chose to shoot a black pair as this was a colour that, weirdly, I don’t have much of in my wardrobe.

Jumper: Everlane. Chinos: Everlane. Shoes: Everlane. Bag: Everlane.

I feel, sometimes, with social media, especially, we are often tempted to show ourselves ‘living our best life’ and going out in ballgowns that we forget about the everyday, functional yet beautiful pieces in our day to day styling. I love accounts like Brittany Bathgate for that, and I am always thinking about longevity in my wardrobe, really scaling back on frivolous purchases (I have bought enough in the past which I still love, but just don’t need to add to the pile!) and thinking about its use within my life.

My life is still 80% practical, and my wardrobe needs to reflect that.

Without sounding like a fashion cliche, the power of these trousers to go from day to night is always a strong reason for anything to exist in my wardrobe. I’d pair with gladiator sandals – maybe lace-up to show of the cropped leg – and a sweater on those inbetween days (sandals and sweaters is my favourite time of year! Plus this sheer sweater is the perfect loose hanging, slightly cropped version, so goes so well with high waists) and then they work so well with a clean, basic heel, too.

This is the first time I have worn Everlane, mainly because I assumed shipping would be expensive and I’d be stung by customs. It’s in fact free shipping for any orders over $100 or $15 at any other time and the customs charges are all included with these costs – phew! Standard shipping times are between 7-14 business days.

I love how open they are over why items cost what they do and who makes their clothes. The country where the item was made is listed in each decription (this bag is, for example, 100% Italian leather, made in Prato). The site is simple and easy to browse, you don’t click on page 1 of 4573 and get lost in a spiral of too much choice, and every item goes with another: if I was to design a capsule wardrobe, this would probably be it.

And that’s pretty high praise, don’t you think?!

This was a paid partnership with Everlane, all words and photography direction my own.


  1. Firstly – nice outfit!!

    I’ve shopped at Everlane a few times over the last year (shipping to Ireland) and agree with your positive review. They have a fantastic range of timeless items… their shoes in particular are amazing.

    A few additional points that may be of interest .. Firstly the transparent pricing that they share for each item is a real eye opener and enough to make you look at their site even if you resist buying – they show cost of materials, hardware, labor, transport, duties so that you can see the ‘true cost’ and the difference between that and their sell price. It’s an eye opener and I wonder/hope other major brands will start to feel pressure/value for this level of transparency.
    Secondly they have a very unique approach to sales where they let you choose what to pay (from a range) … makes you really think about how much you are prepared to pay to support a business model that you admire. Finally you are correct you will not pay extra charges at the entry point but you will get charged duties and taxes at checkout (just under 20% I think) on top of the items ‘listed price’ – which I believe is standard way of applying taxes in by US retailers (tax not already included in price like it is in EU).

    Have a great weekend and happy birthday to little Peggy x

  2. I have been really tempted but am just not confident enough that things would fit/ look how I want given the difficulty of returning…

  3. I frequently click through to the Everlane website, usually from Cup of Jo posts, and had always assumed the postage and customs would be prohibitively expensive. Very useful to learn otherwise!

  4. You look great Alex – as always!

    I just clicked on a link to the Everlane website and noticed it uses ‘normal’ sized models on its site as well as the usual slim models. I liked the brand immediately.
    It’s so important for brands to showcase their clothes on a variety of shapes and sizes so customers have an idea of what something might look like on them. It can make all the difference to whether someone buys it or not and, indeed, whether or not they return it.
    Also it’s great to have a bit of body diversity, shame it’s not everywhere yet.
    Anyway, your are one of my fave Insta accounts – keeping it real. And well done on creating such a cutie-pie little girl.

  5. Hi Alex
    Thank you for recommending the brand
    I liked it instantly
    How did you find their sizes? True to size?

    Thank you in advance

  6. Love the post! This is one of these brands that I would hardcore be all over if I was more confident in sizing/fits. They are a tad too expensive to be ordering from then having to return because it didn’t fit!!

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