Bathrooms: Making the most out of small spaces

Towels: £32 each, Gudrun Sjoden. Linen dressing gown: HM Home
Bathrooms. They excite me far more than other rooms in the house. Maybe it’s because my bathrooms have always been so tiny, they’ve seemed easier to achieve. I’ve been looking forward to sharing photos our new ensuite, and I’m sure my husband is too, as I’ve been making us both shower downstairs until I finished taking these photos!
Hooks: Wilkinson

Our bathroom is pretty much as small as it could possibly be. But to me – it’s perfect. Yes, again, we had to compromise (I was desperate for marble tiles but even for our tiny surface area, they were way out of our price bracket), but I’m so happy with how it has turned out.

Sink: Victoria Plumb. Towel holder: £6.50, Ikea. Hand towel: £12.99, H&M Home
Unsurprisingly, we went for a monochrome scheme – it was just easier that way to keep it looking chic and expensive looking. The white tiles were pretty much the cheapest ones available at Topps Tiles – but we went with square rather than Metro tiles for a change and the grey grout keeps it modern looking (and easier to keep clean!). H&M Home sufficed for most of the interiors.
Perfume: Tea Tonique, Miller Harris. Toothpaste: Marvis. Toothbrush holder: H&M Home (sold out but buy similar here). Shelf: £52, Rowen & Wren
Taps: Victorian Plumbing. Soap: £14, L:A Bruket
Bathroom shopping was difficult, as I was suddenly in a field I had no knowledge on – was it a rip off, was this shop naff? I basically came to accept that all bathroom shops are the same – there really isn’t much between them in regards to stock, pricing etc. After deciding Burlington sinks were just too pricey for what possibly won’t be our ‘forever’ home, it really was a case of just picking one that did the job and didn’t look too cheap – and was small enough not to get in the way.
Mirror, £35, Cox & Cox
Towel radiator: Wickes. Towel: £4.99, H&M Home
The basic style of our bathroom was based on Cowshed, with a bit of The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn, thrown in (how middle class of me!). We were lucky to have a friend help us with the tiling, as that saved a huge amount of costs. Pinterest, was of course, a huge inspiration (see my ‘Dream Bathroom’ board here).


Shower Door: Elegant Showers
Shower taps: Victoria Plumb
I HAVE A COWSHED BUILT IN SHELF (the one thing I wouldn’t compromise on). Pro collagen Cleansing balm, Elemis. Shampoo and Conditioner: Josh Wood x M&S
Shower head: Victorian Plumbing
I am really liking the mix of patterns and shape tiles that are going on, now. And I just love opening the door into my little tiled haven…even more so that I’ll actually be able to shower in it now this post is up!
Blood orange and white pepper sugar scrub, £30, Bliss. Nails:’Porchester Place by Nails Inc (an old colour which i wish they still made!)



  1. You have done such a fabulous job on your bathroom, and with your loft conversion in general, it all looks beautifully done! I always swoon over bathrooms and kitchens on Pinterest but find them hard spaces to decorate in reality, so many decisions to make! Well done!

  2. I am loving all your interior posts so much!! In a couple of months I am moving into a new flat and I am going to keep looking to you for inspo! I am moving into a rented place, and it's perfect apart from one thing… the shower room is carpeted! Ahhh! It makes me cringe (for some reason!), the thought of stepping out the shower onto carpet. I have bought a GIANT bathmat to hopefully prevent any damage to the carpet – but I would love to know if you had an ideas as to how to make it work?? I am worried it is going to feel dirty and damp all the time!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    1. Funnily enough, my parents have always had a carpeted bathroom – you get used to it! As long as you have a good bathmat and open windows (if there are any) after you shower -that's all I can suggest! x

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