7 beauty products that got me through hibernation

Ladder shelving: £85, Next. Art print: Tate. Towel: Debenhams.

I’m not going to lie: it has been quite a dark time, lately, as far as my skin is concerned. The change of water with all my work travel, the late nights working (both on my laptop and on the house), the lack of funds to go out and let my skin see daylight…it all took its toll on my skin and hair and (just a little bit) on my spirit.

But there are a few products that got me through the hibernation months and back on track, and have nabbed themselves a permanent spot on my new ladder shelving.

Fabulous drench n’ quench cream-to-water lock-in moisturiser: £29.50, Bliss.

Okay it’s a bit of a mouthful. But this moisturiser is great for anyone with dry to combination skin. It glides on like water but immediately rehydrates and my skin feels soft and bouncy after using.

Illuminating moisture balm: £42.50, Bobbi Brown. Pot pourri: £10, Evermore. Glass tray: Hay.

This Bobbi Brown balm is my London Fashion Week secret weapon. I put it under my foundation for an extra ‘glow’ or you can just dab on your cheekbones for a subtle highlight. It makes me feel a little more polished when I’ve been surviving on minimal sleep and working three weekends on the trot.

Hand cream: £5, Cowshed. Dry remedy hair oil: £17.85, Aveda.

Over the last year, my hair has reached a good place – and hair oil really has had a lot to do with it. I put a few drops of this onto damp hair. And then if I know I’m not going anywhere, I put a few more drops on the ends before I go to bed to really let it sink in.

‘Miami Muse’ body wash: £7, And Other Stories (mainly because it’s pink).

Towel: Debenhams. ‘Don’t blow It’ styling creme: £21, Bumble & Bumble.  Dry remedy hair oil: £17.85, Aveda. Basket: £9, Ikea.

Instant detox masque: £22, Caudalie.

I love a face mask, but I find the sheets command too much time and not enough multitasking. I am a woman on the go, so love this clay mask which I always take with me on work trips and try to do once a week at home when I need a skin pick me up. It only takes 5 minutes, too.

Cleansing balm: £30.75, Elemis. Tray: H&M Home (old).

I love everything about this cleansing balm. The texture, the smell, the way it makes me feel like I’m in a Mayfair spa in my little bathroom…

Pricey but cost per wear it’s so worth it.

Miscellar water: £2, Garnier. Candle: £16, Rathbornes. Metal tray: Hay at Amara Bracelet: £85, Lucy Williams x Missoma. 

And if you’re looking for a cheap fix? The Garnier miscellar water is the perfect toner and make-up remover. I love the smaller bottle too, it’s the first thing I pack for a trip away.

Velvet rose and oud candle: £55, Jo Malone.

And sometimes, whilst spending very little money on going out, food or treats, a candle can make dark times (literally, we have very few working lights) that little bit more glamorous. We’ve been burning a lot of candles since moving – mainly to get rid of the smell of dust – but it’s an expensive habit. I often try and use & Other Stories ones where I can but nothing beats Jo Malone for a little bit of luxe to your everyday.

This candle smells like heaven and as much as I like to face reality, sometimes with the bath run, the candle burning and the door closed, a little escape is just what I need…


  1. I love this! I also spend January hibernating, and a few luxe candles and potions made it feel a lot more indulgent and helped to lift my spirits. I love a luxe shower gel (because it lasts for 6 months and makes every shower a little bit of a treat), a super hydrating hair masque (Kiehls Olive Fruit masque is the best), and a brightening face masque (REN or Caudalie are lovely and not too expensive on a cost-per-use basis).

    Hope the house is starting to feel a little more like home!

    Briony xx

    1. THIS is my one bug bear with the product! It even says on the packaging ‘handy travel size’ which it kind of isn’t. I alwasy pack my washbag in my luggage these days but hand luggage only it is useless! x

  2. I bought a beautiful candle on Saturday at Spitalfields Market! The same size as the Jo Malone ones, smelled amazing, but was only £15 as was on offer! (normally £25) I can’t remember the brand (will look it up when I get home) but they are stocked at Fenwick and Whole Foods and seem like great value! If you are in the market for a few more, that is…
    Do you find hair oil makes your hair more flat? I have quite fine hair and have been experimenting with it but not having much luck so far…

    1. I am ALWAYS in the market for a good candle tip! And with the oil, I only rub it into the ends, and then use dry shampoo and Bumble & Bumble texture spray for volume as I have fine hair too and it gets greasy at the roots! x

  3. I so know that smell of dust when doing up my flat last year! Little things like beauty products make you feel normal again…. loving the Bobbi brown recommendation I might give that a go….

  4. I put my Jo Malone candles on the radiator during the day so the house smells good when we get back without being a fire hazard! I’m also living in a dusty old house that is under renovation so need every treat I can get 🙂

  5. I can’t believe you found Rathbornes candle!! I went into the Westbury Hotel in Dublin for afternoon tea and smelt the most amazing smell in the loo’s (makes a change!) it was the Rathbornes candle on the side. Patchouli and Oud I think it was. Needless to say I have burnt it all in 2 mins and now wishing for another. They are heaven xxx

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