Blonde ambition (and how I keep it that way, in partnership with Tresemme)

Violet blonde shine shampoo: £4.99, Tresemme. Violet blonde shine conditioner: £4.99, Tresemme. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

I have been blonde now for (almost) as long as I can remember. There was a brief hiatus where I tried to find my original hair colour but alas, it was mostly grey so I went back to my beloved blonde.

But the thing about being blonde is that it is just as important to keep maintaining your colour. After a long holiday in Spain my hair is in need of some TLC to say the least: it needs extra nourishment and the yellow brassiness toned down.

This is where Tresemme’s Violet Blonde Shine shampoo and conditioner have been my recent beauty update – the violet tones down the yellowness in dyed blonde hair (made with pearl extract, of course) and the keratin helps strengthen your hair from damage. So an all round winner, really.

Violet blonde shine shampoo: £4.99, Tresemme. Violet blonde shine conditioner: £4.99, Tresemme.

Over the last few years, I’ve been getting my hair highlighted via a salon less and less, partly for budget reasons but also time restraints – in principle, the idea of sitting in a hair salon being pampered is dreamy – but the reality of having a few hours spare is rather different. So it’s even more important for me to keep working on my hair at home between visits, and Tresemme’s affordable Violet range (did I mention these shampoo is £4.99?!) is my answer to feeling salon fresh without the hassle.

I’ve been using it 2-3 times a week and you can really notice the difference.

So yes, I will be staying blonde (as long as those greys are still there and I have the guts to just go grey) – but a cooler, less brassy one from now on.

This post was in partnership with Tresemme, all images and creative direction my own.


  1. Hi Alex, you look as lovely as ever. I especially like your gingham top & pink trousers. You usually tell us where your outfits are from. Any chance of letting us know. ….oh the perils of being a style icon!
    Thank you, Paddy xx
    Ps I introduced you to my most stylish friend. Wanted to guard you jealously but generosity got the better of me. Now she follows you assiduously as well.

  2. Love your blog. Just bought Tresemme for me as a brunette for the first time, it’s the moisture ones, and love it. Btw where is that long wicker seat from? Love it! Also love gingham top and trousers. Maxxxxx

    1. It’s so good to have decent hair products that are affordable, I find! The wicker seat was House of Fraser but last year – and thank you, the trousers are cords from And Other Stories last week xx

  3. Love both of your outfits here, especially the first one!
    Gonna give this shampoo a go as a few weeks ago my hairdresser basically dip dyed most of my hair blonde when I asked for balayage. Also need to find a new hairdresser!

  4. Alex, can I ask how you do your hair yourself and if you’d recommend any products? I’m also thinking about reducing salon visits but am nervous about making a huge mess of it. My hair is a darkish mid brown and I dye it a similar colour to yours. I feel like it might be too much of a contrast to do at home as my hair stylist uses a product with bleach to get it so light. Any tips much appreciated!

    1. I don’t dye my hair myself, always leave to the professionals – but i leave with my hair wet as hate other people styling my hair! I go every 2-3 months and just get over the roots! At home I mostly always wash my hair he night before and let it dry naturally and then sleep on it so it has flattened and there is less frizz, then use straighteners to add a few waves in. I’m pretty low maintenance to be honest – but I use a heat spry before styling x

  5. I just love your style, and your hair! It looks so natural, I had no idea that you actually maintained it that way. Amazing. I’ve been going around your blog and I just love your outfits, but I’m not too sure if they suit me. I end up looking weird trying to fit in with the latest trends. Another thing, I have been hiring people from London personal shoppers for escorts to help me out. Hope I can finally find a way to sharpen my eye on fashion. Any tips?

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