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Trench, £134.10, Boden. Shirt: £53.55, Boden. Leather bag: £71.55, Boden. Photographs: Eva K Salvi

To celebrate London Fashion Week, Boden asked me to shoot my favourite pieces in my top London spots – so take a mini tour of London with me as I walk you through my favourite haunts.

Trench, £134.10, Boden. Shirt: £53.55, Boden. Super skinny jeans: £44.55, Boden. Flats: £71.55, Boden

Pulp TootingI love how Tooting has changed so much in my lifetime, yet it still embraces some old traditions – the indoor markets, Harringtons pie & mash shop…Pulp is a new juice bar which ushers in the new era of this fab part of South London – and the green juice is v good. For Tooting locals, I also highly recommend Mud for brunch (as good as Milk in Balham!). A classic boy fit shirt, skinny jeans and trench are my wardrobe go-tos for running errands in my neighbourhood.

Trench, £134.10, Boden. Super skinny jeans: £44.55, Boden. Leather bag: £71.55, Boden. Flats: £71.55, Boden

Tate Britain

My favourite gallery in London. I love its calm vibe and mix of modern and traditional art. It’s also the home of some amazing shows during London Fashion Week – my dream combination.
Relaxed denim and cashmere is the perfect off-duty style for weekend gallery trips (note the move towards wide leg jeans).

Coat: £179.10, Boden. Cashmere crew-neck: £89.55, Boden. Wide leg jeans: £44.55, Boden. Leather bag: £71.55, Boden. Trainers: £62.55, Boden

Coat: £179.10, Boden. Cashmere crew-neck: £89.55, Boden. Wide leg jeans: £44.55, Boden. Leather bag: £71.55, Boden. Trainers: £62.55, Boden

And this wall in particular – my first big shoot for Red was by this wall, styling Caroline Issa – by artist Ben Eine, and I now have his ‘Change’ print above my fireplace (bought from Nelly Duff). I am also IN LOVE with this jumpsuit – super soft and comfy and my kind of easy style, this is definitely something I’d wear whilst on set for work.

Jumpsuit: £89.55, Boden. Trainers: £62.55, Boden

Jumpsuit: £89.55, Boden. Trainers: £62.55, Boden

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  1. Hi, I recently discovered your blog and I love your style. We have similar tastes so reading through it, it almost feels like having my own personal shopper (please keep these great finds and tips coming!) Those flats are amazing and would jazz up any outfit. Hmmm maybe a present to myself this March…!

  2. Totally enjoyed this post. And, for what it’s worth, my opinion is that super curvy girls (like me) don’t look as good in skiny jeans because of the tapered leg. I’ve tried plenty on and just don’t like the way they look. I’m more of a straight-leg jeans kind of a girl, which I think makes me sleek AND curvy in the best way. It’s kind of freeing not feeling like you have to go for every trend or style out there, just because it’s popular.

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