Dry Hair Solutions

Since we’ve had builders in and out of our house for 3 solid weeks now, my skin is as dry as anything and I’ve been reaching for my handcream every 2 minutes (currently using Bliss high intensity hand cream). Dust is just everywhere.

But the worst of my problems in this bitter cold is my dry hair. True, bleach doesn’t help, but as soon as I step outside I can see my hair crinkling up at the ends from underneath my bobble hat. So I’ve adopted a regime which is so far working (disclaimer: I have never been one to have, or lust after, shiny horsey locks anyway – I’m a rough blowdry kind of girl). Here’s what I’ve been using.


As a side note, I love that these bottles look kind of medical…

Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil – this hair oil is great, I love that you can use is on both damp and ry hair – just whenever you need a boost. I have sworn by hair oil for a while and this not only feels great but smells better.

Fig + Yarrow Hair & Scalp Tonic – a new organic brand I have discovered, I add a couple of drops to my shampoo or conditioner for extra moisture –  Neilson’s Boutique has started stocking it’s body wash too (the packaging is winning in itself).

Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Cream – moisturiser for hair? Seems totally necessary. My new can’t-live-without product. Rub onto dry hair whenever you need a boost – my colour felt instantly revitalised from just a little tousling, and doesn’t leave hair greasy.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime – there’s not really a Kerastase product I have used and don’t love. It’s just that little bit pricey for me that I get to the point where I’m scared to use it. This product is, however, amazing, especially for colour treated hair, or if you don’t like the greasiness of oils. This elixir is super lightweight so doesn’t weigh your hair down but has all the shiny, soft to the touch elements of oil. The dream. Just maybe use it sparingly (it’s £30 a bottle – but then you wear your hair everyday).
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  1. I bought the elixir ultime months ago after seeing bloggers rave about it. And I have to say I don't get the hype about it at all. Does nothing to my hair, and like you said it's not cheap. But maybe it does need to be used on coloured hair then. I don't colour mine.

  2. Loved this as although i am in no way having any building work done anywhere near my locks, they have really disliked this winter! I find the slightest damp/cold day and they just do fluffy and look terrible and i've never really had this before. I haven't changed any of my hair care but i have been looking for some new bits to add in to help me out so shall be giving these a go. I've just started using Percy and Reed's 'Wonderbalm' and that has really been helping keep my hair smooth but not too smooth and that lasts two-three days.

    Thanks for the recommendations – ps hope the building work is going well. I'm so excited to see what you do with the space as i love your style! Even if it is a million miles away from mine (dungarees aside obv;))

    1. Oh thank you – the radiator was fixed today and the window has arrived – we no longer have an open hole in our walls! But…..the boiler broke today ;( really hope it is all worth it up there! It will definitely be a way off as the roof has eaten into our decorating budget but it will be lovely when its done x

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