For the frill of it…

Top: $59, Storets. Jeans: £39.99, Gap. Shoes: £49.99, ZaraBag: £89, And Other Stories. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell


Summer may be over but it doesn’t mean that the peasant blouse is going anywhere. And I went for a style in baby blue over white, as it looks fab with jeans and as you can see, I’m doing ‘colour’ a bit more.




The top is from blogger brand of the moment: Storets. It’s one of those brands that has become huge in the last few months over on Instagram, with huge bloggers like Lorna Luxe and Ohh Couture swearing by its off the shoulder ruffle tops and perfectly imperfect frayed jeans.



I’m not going to lie to you: the clothes take ages to come and you will get a customs letter a few days later. But when it’s in dollars, I accept it the same as when you’re in J Crew in New York and you get to the counter and you haven’t anticipated that tax (that is NEVER on the pricetag!). All things considered, the clothing is still reasonably priced and you can get something really different to the UK High Street (I love my gingham wrap top). But just don’t wear it to Fashion Week (everyone, literally everyone, in the first 2 rows were wearing it).



Like with everything else in my wardrobe, I’m wearing it with the Gap straight leg jeans. It’s true love with these, they feel like ‘real’ denim and the wash is perfect. And you may remember a time when I told you NEVER to match your shoes to your bag? Scrap that, I was wrong. Matchy matchy is back (I’ve even matched my lipstick). And if anything, slightly matchy matchy but not quite and a slight bit ‘off’ is even better. I’m hoping that makes sense to you..


Nails in ‘Cloud Fine’: £7, Cheeky
Lipstick in ‘Vivien’: £29 (part of a lipstick and gloss duo), Laura Mercier


Trench: J Crew (old). Top: $59, Storets. Jeans: £39.99, Gap. Shoes: £49.99, ZaraBag: £89, And Other Stories.


  1. Hey Alex. Do you the think the gap jeans would go with black pointy flats or do they need a bit of a heel? Been rocking them with trainers and socks which I'm loving but thinking for evening and I dont do heels (bunion issues :() thanks

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