*Frugal Buy* New Look lace-up flats

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (white version here). Skirt: Baukjen. Flats: New Look. Watch: Shore Projects

So Laura from WITBlog doesn’t approve. They ARE  a blatant rip off of the Aquazurra ones. But I don’t have £440 spare right now, so these are a chic compromise until I save up for the real thing, no? 

Says I, who have just forked out a ludicrous amount on a pair of Tabitha Simmons boots from Net A Porter – I deserve them (I think).

Now Office have apparently done a pair, too, but it’s the gold heel that sealed the deal on these, for me.

Lace-up flats, £22.99, New Look

I think they look great with skirts and dresses and they’re comfy too – I wore them all day and no blisters to report! Tweet me @thefrugality if you end up getting them!


  1. Just bought the office ones…..some of us cannot afford (or do not receive free gifts from) designers. Thank god for the high street and thank you Alex for being real! Am a little tired of fashion industry insiders parading their freebies. Your blog is such a refreshing change. Hx

    1. Completely agree with you!

      I am tired of bloggers (like the one you are thinking about…) who are interested only in hidden product placement… They take us readers for stupid and make a lot of money on those of us Who miss a critical mind. Shame on them.

      Thank you Alex for being so clear and honest, you deserve all of your success.

    2. I was not digging at anyone – but the way that different bloggers dealt with the Accessorize weekend in Ibiza for instance was very illuminating. Many jobs have their perks – but flaunting them is not on. Your blog Alex manages to maintain a balance between luxury and common sense. You share what you can (I got the ASOS culottes after your recommendation and the Next leather skirt) and always look fabulous. You put those who wear more expensive stuff into the shade. You are a real inspiration – thank you! Hx (witchend)

  2. I ordered a pair as soon as I saw your tweet! Must go and collect them today, I thought they would probably end up going straight back for being uncomfortable so wasn't in a rush but now you've said otherwise I'm quite excited about them. Good find!

  3. Can't believe how good they look on! Have to say I held off from buying as the New Look images didn't look that great but definitely inspired to get! Thanks Alex!

  4. THey look AMAZING!! I have my not the same in fact not remotely similar Hobbs flat multi strap shoes from the beginning of the season otherwise these would have my name all over them (well, borrowed from you..!)

  5. Just bought the New Look ones… I couldn't afford the 'real' ones. I agree with the first comment – I'm tired of bloggers not being transparent about how much they buy and how much they are given for free, even if they would never wear/promote something they wouldn't have bought themselves. In my opinion, when you write on your blog about products or asked to do something for a company and in return get something for free, you seem quite open about it, which is how I think people should be. Thanks for the heads up, Alex!

    1. Some blogs are now seen as 'editorial', so you have to accept that some things are borrowed for the post (for me, especially, I can't afford to buy new clothes all the time to always promote on my blog) but if I borrow for a post, I always send clothes back and try to be honest. When I have bought something genuinely and love it, I blog about it with no hidden agenda. I just think it's a good buy. x

  6. Hi alex,
    Brilliant piece. Like you I had proper shoe envy when I saw laura wearing hers but i love that you have managed to find the same shoes but at a fraction of the price. You're true to your frugal style. Well done alex. Love love love your blog.

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