Habits (and one I’m promising to ditch)

Marble table: £222 for a set of two, West Elm. Bedside lamp: £35, John Lewis. Clock: £4.50, Ikea. Mug: kikki K. Habits journal: £21, kikki K

This is, without doubt, the year of mindfulness. And I keep saying I’m going to try and switch off (during my trip to India, I didn’t blog) but I keep falling into my old routine. Checking my emails constantly, flicking between Instagram and Twitter instead of concentrating on Breaking Bad (and then constantly asking what is happening!), no wonder I have sleep issues.

I know I need to change some of my bad habits, but also know I need an excuse to start.


‘Habits’ journal: £21, kikki K. Set of 12 inspiration cards: £12, kikki K


kikki K, my new favourite stationery and lifestyle brand (if you haven’t stopped by the Covent Garden store or checked it out online, you MUST – what the UK has been missing), have asked me to participate in their 66 days #HabitsChallenge. Because it’s not necessarily about bad habits, but choosing to change your habits and develop new, healthy ones.

Apparently it takes 66 days to form a new habit (which explains why I’ve never really followed through on any of my sleep/health/excercise/work resolutions), so today is my first day.


Marble headphones: £34.95, Happy Plugs. ‘Better Than Before’ special edition book: £15, kikki K
Since January I have tried not to have my phone by my bed. But have been slipping back into it lately…so this time, not only will I not have it by my bed, I will not check it after 8pm in the evening until the following day. Yes, you read that right. No Instagram, no Twitter, no checking Facebook or emails. My husband says this includes the Apple watch, too (we’ll see).
I don’t even know what I do on my phone at night, it’s simply a habit – I scroll apps, and check notifications, then start again – it’s addictive. And I’ve not really thought about how it affects other people, I often send emails at midnight because it’s ‘on my mind’. That’s not healthy.
Jeans: M.i.h Jeans (old)
It’s going to be a big ask, but if I put it out there on my blog, it WILL happen. The public shame is just not worth it. So in 66 days, I will update you on my progress – and hopefully I won’t have looked back.
And what am I going to do without my phone? I’m going to enjoy things I love doing – which I claim I never have time to do – cooking, jigsaw puzzles (yes, don’t judge), Tracey Anderson workout dvd (those arm exercises, they kill but they’re the best), watching films and following the plot line, reading, going to dinner without being distracted and lastly, being able to go to bed at a reasonable time (not midnight – 1am as currently). It sounds like a really simple to-do list, yet it is just not happening.


Cashmere jumper: £75, Marks & Spencer. Shorts: River Island (old).
I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon at some stage, but as long as I get back on, it doesn’t matter. I hope some of you might follow my lead and create a new habit of your own, whether it be no phone by the bed, reigniting an excercise regime, or just having an hour to yourself. You can follow my #HabitsChallenge on social: @thefrugality, and join in too if you feel ready, using the hashtag – I’d love to hear what you’d like to change.
So hopefully, less ‘head down’ and more ‘look up’. And more hanging out in hammocks with freshly made coffee…that would be good.
This post was in collaboration with kikki K, which will (hopefully) help me quit my bad habit!


  1. I am so with you Alex, I now have the concentration of a goldfish (social media) and cannot get to bed before 1am (bad work planning) Time to change, 66 days to do it..oh and start exercising, I am so up for the #HabitsChallenge..which one to change first?! xxx

  2. Really want to take a leaf out of your book Alex, I also end up scrolling through the Internet at night when this keeps my brain too stimulated and its harder to get to sleep.
    Ps: what size did you go for in the Marks cashmere jumper?

  3. I loved this post and am joining you! For me the limit will be 9 pm. Books and Netflix instead of aimless clicking around. And I love your jigsaw puzzles!

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