Hibernation time

Jumper: Iris Fashion (old). Pyjama bottoms: £42, The White Company. Knitted throw: from £35, The White Company. Side table: £156: La Redoute. ‘Autumn’ candle: £20, The White Company. Other candle: The White Company (old). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

There’s no doubt in my world that staying in is the going out…

When those days get shorter and good TV returns to our screens (Stranger Things is almost back!), there is nothing I enjoy more than nesting with my favourite candles and indulging in doing nothing that little bit more.

Smoked glass vase: £18, The White Company. ‘Autumn’ candle: £20, The White Company. Other candle: The White Company (old).

What with the house renovations and a busy work schedule, we tend to stay in a lot more – firstly saving money for the building works but also to ease the stress of everyday life. We are spending all of our money trying to make this house a home, and it’s important to appreciate it at the same time.

And the ultimate indulgence for me is a long soak and an early night.

Since pregnancy, I’ve been getting A LOT of early nights, not necessarily by choice but it has done me the world of good – I look at the clock sometimes at 8:30pm and can’t believe I’m still up that late – but as a night owl rarely going to bed before 1am in the past, I’m trying to embrace the change.

Wooden bath caddy: Etsy. ‘Sandalwood’ candle: £20, The White Company. Spa bath oil: £30, The White Company. Body polish: £20, The White Company. ‘Verveine’ soap: £7, The White Company.

(If pregnant, always check with your GP for advice before using products)

A bath has always been my prerequisite for a relaxing evening, sadly I can’t have one as hot as I’d usually like right now but it definitely signifies a moment to myself – and a room where I can really close the door on renovations.

And we’re pretty lucky that the room we sleep in is one of the few that are clean and decorated now – we’ve come a long way since December! We don’t have a TV in this room and it is quite compact so we only really associate this room with calm and sleep (the grey and neutral tones help!). Since going to bed earlier I spend a bit more time on my skin routine – serum, moisturiser and always a night oil – and I must admit my skin hasn’t felt better (this could also be combined with the fact I don’t go out as much as getting 10 hours sleep a night! But let’s say it’s the serums…).

Bed linen: The White Company (my own). Pyjama bottoms: £42, The White Company. Eyemask: Clean Beauty Co. Knitted throw: from £35, The White Company. Overnight night oil: £30, The White Company.

Cushion covers: £35, The White Company. Beige cushion: Sluiz Ibiza.

So here’s to cosy nights in, using hibernation as a legitimate excuse and enjoying the little things a bit more…oh and Stranger Things.

This post was in collaboration with The White Company, and all this product (which I sent back after the shoot) got me really excited for the winter months…


  1. I remember that first trimester extreme tiredness, I’d sleep for hours! By week 20 you will be back to normal energy levels and appetite!! X

  2. Great post! All the cozy vibes.
    I had a lazy day snuggled on the sofa rewatching stranger things last weekend. Can’t wait for season two!

  3. Oh, those early days of pregnancy certainly made me reevaluate my priorities and hibernate more … I’ve always been a home bod though and must admit that at this time of year especially I love to hunker down with some candles and a cuppa and make the most of those darker evenings xx

  4. This is a really beautiful post and has made me feel all cosy. I absolutely love spending time at home, curled up in front of the fire.

    Your house looks like it’s really starting to take shape and I’ve no doubt that it will look incredible once it’s finished.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wishing you all the best xx

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