How I’ve coped without my phone past 8pm…

Trench: J Crew (sold out). Top: Zara (old). Jeans: £30, Asos. Trainers: £50, Vans. Bag: £49.50 (only available in blue), Radley
So it has been over 66 days since I began my Habits Challenge. No phone past 8pm I said (you can see my original post here)…and it has definitely been tricky.
As someone addicted to their phone (and whose current career is largely because of it), this was the biggest challenge I could set myself. The idea was to change a habit of mine, and through sticking with it over 66 days it would then be part of my new regime.

This was definitely easier said than done. The first few weeks went well, I even managed to cleanse my face properly, use a 15 minute mask and exfoliate a couple of nights a week. I even had a few baths…
And then a few work events started…and I realised I just don’t really have the kind of job where I can switch off after 8pm, the nature of my job means attending events not necessarily within the 9-5 world. I was sitting at a Jimmy Choo dinner (yes, I know, amazing) tweeting about the gorgeous peonies and then thinking ‘oh, I was supposed to turn this off an hour ago’.
But I remembered when we met Kristina Karlsson, the founder of kikki K, and she told us it’s all a learning curve and it’s okay to fall off the wagon occasionally – the important thing is to climb back on. And I had to stop beating myself up about it.

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So when I am at home, unless I have some work to finish off, my phone is out of sight. And I’ve been a bit more realistic and stretched the cut-off time to 9pm. I still wouldn’t say that I’ve mastered the 66 day challenge, but even just taking part in it has made me think more about switching off, being more ‘present’ and stepping back from my phone. Maybe I’ll think of mine more as a 90 day challenge…
‘Calmer chameleon’ tea: £2.39, Clipper. Rollerball pen: £12, kikki K. Adhesive notes: £9, kikki K. Habits journal: £21, kikki K. Purifying mask: £22, Caudalie  
So, like most things, it’s a life commitment, not just a 66 day challenge. Even the last few months thinking about my habits more and leaving my phone in my bag when out for dinner are all steps in the right direction. And I must admit, I’m starting to feel free-er.
How about you? Did any of you try the challenge? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


  1. I've not done it as part of a challenge but I have actively made myself step away from the phone and social media thing a little more these last few months and I have found it quite liberating. I don't post anything, I'm not checking my phone for updates and comments and I find I can get on with things. Sometimes I miss things and what's going on but that's how it goes – I just hope people don't think i'm being anti-social. However, it's not easy for someone like yourself where your livelihood and career is based on it which I can appreciate. But it's all a step in the right direction!

    1. It does get so addictuve doesn't it?! Responding to comments etc, especially when it's such a lovely community of women. But I must admit, turning it off when having dinner has made a huge difference x

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