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Shirt: £93 in the sale, Splendid. Jeans: £30, Asos. Sandals: £24.99, H&M (bought instore but buy similar from And Other Stories here). Bag: Manu Atelier. Belt: Asos (old). Sunglasses: Prada at Sunglasses Hut (buy similar here). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell
I’ve got new favourite colour. Khaki seems to be winning over navy every time, currently. Wear with denim and black and it’s effortlessy cool (I like to think). I’ve always been a shirt kind of girl, but never owned a khaki relaxed fit one – and didn’t want to do it cheaply, this is still pricey but cheaper than Equipment (and in the sale!) – but think it will stand the test of time. Think it will be my everyday work shirt as well as on holiday with denim shorts.


Bracelets: black, £90, Astley Clarke, gold: £95, Astley Clarke


And speaking of denim: I bought these ‘Mom’ jeans a few weeks ago (I’m not going to lie, I had to cut open the buttonholes as they weren’t wide enough but at £30 I can’t complain any further). I’ve always stayed away from this style previously as they’re a bit too literal – can you wear them if you can in fact be a mum? Aren’t they supposed to be ironic?
I’ve been seeing a few people (that I adore) wearing this style on Instagram and thought I’d give it a go (I can’t quite afford the Redone Levi’s which are the perfect style for me). And at £30, I have to say, I’m converted. I like the fit, the fact they have zero stretch and they finish just at my ankles so show off any flat sandal perfectly. That is, my H&M sandals which look just like ATP Atelier for £24.99, sadly like most of my great buys, I bought in the Regent Street store and haven’t even caught a glimpse of them online.
Oh, and I should probably mention the Apple watch – it’s on loan to me. The PR wanted me to try and see if it can help streamline my life. I’ve always thought in the past it was ‘another thing’ to check but so far it does help me check things quickly without being on my phone whilst walking (my pet hate, but I do it!). The only downside for me currently is having to charge it…so we will see.




I suppose the last thing to say is let’s hope the sun comes out for us soon so we can revert to sundress posts again. Not sure I’ve worn mine in the UK yet…



Shirt: £93 in the sale, Splendid. Jeans: £30, Asos. Bag: Manu Atelier. Belt: £8, Asos (old)Sunglasses: Prada at Sunglasses Hut (not online but buy similar here). Apple watch: £259, John Lewis


  1. Love your style Alex and the fact your blog stays true to its roots – 30 quid jeans that we can all aspire to and some great advice. That's why you are my fav x

    1. Thanks Alex, got an anniversary coming up and hoping for a nice treat 😉 have just got into your blog, it's ace. Hoping to get some cashmere in my winter wardrobe and your advice has been really helpful xx

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