Look Who’s Back

Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

It’s June, the sun is shining and I’m back on the blog!

I have had an amazing three months off and feeling refreshed and excited with new content ideas. That said, I’m going to give myself the freedom to have a break if I need, as never want to regret coming back to the blog too soon – I’m only coming back because I want to.

Jacket: £90, Sezane. T-shirt: Sezane (old). Bag: £230, Sezane (jacket and bag borrowed as part of a shoot). Skirt: £80, Boden. Shoes: Zara (old).

So, things are going to be different around here going forward. Working on Instagram around Peggy these last few months has been challenging, and although there are two of us, we don’t have any childcare in place so any type of shoot involves A LOT of planning!

And since I started blogging in 2012, the way people consume blogs and social media has changed dramatically. So the blog will now reflect this, and I will be posting less but meatier content, which will be live (hopefully!) every Monday. Less generic outfit posts and more thoughts, musings and practical pieces.

Top: £40, Olive & Frank. Skirt: £109, Baukjen. Espadrilles: £70, Toms x Clare V. Wicker bag: £20, Dorothy Perkins. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

Sponsored posts will still play a part in this content (I hope you don’t mind, as this is what allows me to continue posting and providing the free content that you enjoy), but any sponsored posts will be labelled as such (as always) and will be ‘extra’ content on top of the Monday posts.

As mentioned before, I put just as much thought and energy into sponsored posts to suit my blog style and I never promote anything I don’t like, or a brand I’ve never worn before (see my piece on posting authentically here).

Finally, I would love to hear what  you would like to see more of on the blog. I will continue to cover style, great buys, renovation updates, travel, thoughts on the industry and the transition to motherhood. I will also be doing YouTube but more to support content when it works rather than a regular focus.

But as always, it is good to hear feedback on what works for you, as a reader, too – so please make sure you let me know!

It’s good to be back.


  1. You may not have been around as much but your influence remained. I bought yet another pair of striped tops in the newly open Seasalt in Guildford!

    I only use Twitter and follow your blog and you posted just enough in recent weeks to make sure you still had a visible presence. I look forward to reading more from you in the next few weeks but remember with small children plans have to be flexible?

    Take care

  2. Welcome back!! Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Especially on motherhood and interiors. It hasn’t really felt like too much of a break though as I catch your Instagram stories most days x

  3. Welcome back Gorgeous Alex! So pleased to see you here again and I think your strategy moving forward sounds brilliant. When you have kids and time is of the essence, the quality over quantity thing has to kick in for your own sanity’s sake! Looking forward to more Frugality Fabulousness! xxx

  4. Welcome back, Mama! Would love to see a feature on nursing-friendly outfits- particularly dresses. Am trawling the internet for button-down tea dresses or shirt dresses. Let me know please if you spot any goodies! Thanks ?

    1. Ergh – know what you mean! I haven’t got anything in the pipeline but might do as have had a few requests….luckily I have quite a few button front dresses in my wardrobe, which have been a godsend…and I usually just wear a t-shirt I can pull up easily with a sports bra/crop top – weirdly much less fuss than buttons and unclipping! Doesn’t draw so much attention xx

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