Maternity Leave: what will change

Top: £34, Topshop Maternity. Bag: £85, Wood/Grey. Earrings: £9.99, Mango.

This is one of those weird posts where writing it down is actually more beneficial for me than you…but thought it was a good idea to let you know what will change on the blog going forward.

There is no doubt that having a baby will be the biggest thing that will have happened to Chris and I since working on the blog. I have taken a few weeks off the blog before but never a big chunk.

And the truth is I don’t know what will happen…I might have a dreamy situation where I can work between naps, I also might not. And even if I find the whole process easy, I deserve some time off. So, with this in mind, I will not be posting on the blog for 2-3 months – I have scheduled content until mid March and then won’t be back until May/June at least.

Photograph: Eva K Salvi

Parenting-wise, Chris and I are going to tackle the whole childcare thing together. I count myself as so lucky to have someone who can do this whole shared parental leave with me (despite Chris not actually being allowed to claim anything from the government as a freelancer – it’s still a work in progress and we’re going to muddle through).

We have booked to go to Spain for a bit over the summer (please don’t tell me this is a bad move – I’m still in the throes of dreamy, idyllic parenting right now!) – to my family flat, to unwind and do things at our own pace (plus it’s actually cheaper to live out there and eat out than staying at home in London – flights were £80 return for all three of us).

We will be working together more and I’m really excited to have him as a huge part of my blog going forward – he already takes a lot of my photos and now will have more of a say in The Frugality’s future.

Will there be more baby content? Potentially…but in a lifestyle way – I would like a lot of my baby’s life to be private and give them a choice in the way they are depicted online. However, we’re also aware that it will be a huge part of our life and the baby will be with us on a lot of our blogging adventures. It already feels weird discussing a baby that’s not born yet…

Jumper: £100, Sezane. Bag: Sezane (old). Jeans: £32, Asos Maternity. Earrings: £9.99, Mango. Lipstick in ‘Paris Pink’: £17.50, Smashbox.

I am not a mummy blogger and never started my blog to be about me, but it has evolved into being more personal in recent years. But honestly, there are tons of blogs and Instagram feeds that are doing that parenting thing so well, I really don’t think I need to compete – so I’ll stick to what I know: fashion and attempting interior renovations, with a bit of ‘being a mum’ thrown in.

I have TONS of ideas for the blog for when I return, a lot of which I am really excited about – more thoughtful, considered content with more of a 360 approach – videos, how-tos etc and I have some really exciting partnerships in the works which will enable me to be much more flexible about how I work on content. I also aim to work on more exclusive discounts via my Newsletters (which have been put on the backburner over recent months).

Dress: £17.99, H&M. Bag: Charles & Keith (old). Shoes: Boden (old).

So anyway, I’m waffling on as though this is goodbye but it’s not. I have another post coming up still and then will be back here soon. I will also still be posting via Twitter and Instagram (but the daily uploads might slow down for a while).


  1. Wishing you and Chris all the very best for the next few weeks and months – you’ll be brilliant parents. I’ll look forward to any posts you feel able to do but your priority must be you and your family, though I must admit to being very excited to hear when your baby arrives! xx

  2. I know I’ll miss your blog posts, but that’s me being entirely selfish. You’re entitled to maternity leave just like any one else! I think Spain is a great idea, flying at that age seems to be relatively problem free (says she who is a great observer of other people’s kids, and doesn’t have any of her own!).
    I think your view of respecting your child’s private life is spot on, not that I don’t want to see a picture of your new born, but I like the idea of them being able to choose for themselves. Another blogger I follow has three children, and only one tends to be on social media, because that one wants to be, and the two others don’t, and while I’m not always a fan of letting kids make up their own decisions, this is one I can be on board with.
    So enjoy your maternity leave, it may be hard at times, but nothing worth having ever comes easy! And try not to think too much about work!

  3. Best wishes for the future, I think you’re being very sensible in not allowing yourself to get ‘stuck’ on any one plan for the future.
    Incidentally the few men I’ve known who’ve actually taken parenting leave all say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done and have been truly grateful for the opportunity.
    Going to Spain sounds like an excellent idea, especially while baby is still easily portable.
    On a selfish note I’m sad not to see more blog posts especially as I’ve only just discovered you..but on the plus side there’s plenty to look at from your past posts.
    Best wishes!

  4. I’m so glad you’re taking some time off.
    Enjoy every second of maternity leave & motherhood….you will rock it!!!

  5. Good luck Alex, you will be a great mum. Enjoy it and it’s great to hear you’re taking time out for yourself and your little family. Wishing you all the best x

  6. wishing you best of luck with everything, alex! enjoy your maternity leave, these first weeks and months are so precious and you are so right in reserving it for your child. cherish every moment of it.
    spain is a brilliant idea, i can confirm from my own experience that travelling with a baby is actually quite easy (it gets much more tricky when they are toddlers…). we made our first trip to the south of france when my daughter was only 8 weeks old and I was very nervous before. but to my surprise it was super easy. in the end we were travelling 6 out of her first 12 months, and it was absolutely wonderful. brigitte xx

  7. You’ve got this absolutely right!! Take the maternity leave as everyone else does and enjoy it.
    Going to Spain is an excellent idea and is perfect to do with a wee baby!!
    Good luck to you and Chris! X

  8. I found your blog less than a year ago and I must say it is now one of my favourites blog roll stops. Take all the time you need to adjust to such a wonderful (but huge!) life change and enjoy your time with your little one! Cannot wait to see what you come back with xx

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