My maternity wardrobe: what I’ve actually worn and loved

Clothes rail: £120, John Lewis. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

So here it is, I finally got round to filming and photographing my maternity wardrobe. But be warned: it’s quite edited!

I haven’t spent much on clothes at all this pregnancy – not even on shoes to make me feel glamorous! I’ve really worked with what I already had and just updated with a few elasticated waistbands.

Dress: £14 in the sale, Asos Maternity. Boots: Office (old). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

Probably the most useful thing I did in the first trimester was move clothes that didn’t fit out of sight (I put a lot in the loft). I left oversized shirts, coats, stretchy jumpers and dresses – and this gave me a bit of a blank canvas to start my maternity wardrobe with. So I pretty much worked with a capsule wardrobe these last few months and only bought maternity clothes which would compliment these pieces.

Dress: £19.50 in the sale, Asos.

I also found that loungewear has really come into its own for me, and this was probably where I bought the most maternity items – nice pyjamas and slouchy joggers so I felt less of a slob at home (where I have spent 80% of my time through the first and last trimester!). The first thing I have done most evenings when I get home is put on some comfy pants, an oversized cashmere jumper and nest for the evening.

I have also preferred ‘under the bump’ clothing personally, I found it less restrictive and easier to feel more like myself when my wardrobe hasn’t exactly felt like ‘me’. These straight leg jeans from Asos have been the closest I have felt to my ‘old’ self jeans.

And as much as I have tried to stay true to my original style, I also think sometimes you just need to adapt – a bodycon knitted dress is as far from my style as you can get BUT there is something quite empowering about showing off the bump and being proud of your new figure that I’ve been enjoying tightly fitting clothing and I have had far more compliments when I’ve shown off the bump rather than hiding it.

Dungarees: £42, Asos Maternity.

Maternity brands I have lived in over the past 8 months have been: Asos Maternity (dungarees, pyjamas and denim), Topshop Maternity (jeans), H&M (bras, underwear and leggings) and Next Maternity (faux leather leggings, harem pants).

But do remember to look on the High Street for other pieces to mix in like a great coat, oversized knitwear and tunic tops. I found H&M great for dresses, M&S for coats and elasticated waist skirts, Cos for tunic tops and And Other Stories for essential knitwear.

Here’s the link to the video below…and there will be more videos to come on a regular basis this year (we have one on our finished study next in the pipeline if you’re not into maternity style!):

Links mentioned:

Next harem joggers: sold out but similar here.

New Balance trainers: similar available here.

Ugg sheepskin liners.

Asos knitted dress.

Asos chinoiserie dress.

Next coated jeans.

Asos pyjamas.

Mamas & Papas joggers.

And Other Stories jumper.

Asos dungarees.

H&M skinny jeans (similar here).

Topshop straight leg jeans.

Asos straight leg jeans.

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  1. Not sure if they still do them but I loved the Topshop nursing bras for when I was breastfeeding. They were so much prettier than others I found and came in a range of pretty colours. Best wishes x

  2. Lovely! I was wondering what size you got the other stories jumper in? pre pregnancy I was a 34-36 there but I wouldn’t want it too tight…

  3. Thank you for the tips Alex. I’m in the first trimester and feeing pretty awful, but look to your posts as a beacon of hope for the future when I’m feeling msyelf again! I love the idea of taking staple pieces from my current wardrobe and just adding a few new touches. Have you had to get maternity tights to wear with dresses? And do you have any tips for getting through the nausea and fatigue in first trimester? Sarah x

    1. Oh sorry to hear – hope you get through it okay….I actually filmed a video on the first trimester too as I felt so awful for a long time – it’s so tough! I found that curly fries and a can of coke helped me (the ONLY thing that gave me any energy or kept me sitting upright – ginger biscuits did nothing) – and try not to feel guilty about what does work, just get through it. Once I was feeling better I upped my greens – and it feels like a lifetime ago now! xx

  4. I have been waiting for this to come out!! Thanks for such a great and helpful video. I can’t find the links to the next hareem pants and the topshop jeans, could you point me in the right direction?
    Thank you! Have loved following your pregnancy.. you give such great ideas for when I am stuck with what to wear!


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