My ‘can’t live without’ hair products

Top: H&M (old). Skirt: Boden Icons (sold out). Heels: Jimmy Choo (old but buy similar here). Clutch: Jigsaw (buy similar here)

I have a fear of blowdrys. 

It may be on the stranger side of the phobia spectrum but it’s just something that’s not me. I always ask to leave the hair salon with my hair wet, a blowdry is either too straight, too bouncy, too springy and put simply: too ‘done’. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love them on other people (Erica Davies from The-Edited, for example, always looks amazing), I just don’t feel myself. I do, however (miraculously), still get asked what products I use on my hair, so thought I’d share a few of my faves.

‘Precious Blonde’ shampoo: £12.50, Josh Wood at Marks & Spencer. ‘Silver’ shampoo: £6.99, Maria Nila. ‘Silver’ conditioner: £7.99, Maria Nila  
A few months ago, I wanted to dye my hair grey, but my hairdresser at Lockenego persuaded me to stay blonde and use toner to keep it staying on the ‘icier’ side. So far, I’m loving the ashier colour it is keeping my hair. And it doesn’t last forever, so I can switch back at any point. But I make sure I use hair masques in-between (such as Aveda Dry Remedy) to keep those bleached dry ends intact. Davines is also great for enhancing your colour as well as leaving your hair shiny and nourishes.

Alchemic ‘silver’ shampoo: £15, Davines. Alchemic ‘silver’ conditioner: £19, Davines 

I always try and let my hair dry naturally, as feel that hairdryers dry out my hair too much. After I wash my hair, I use a leave-in conditioner and comb through – I love this Tigi one for curly hair but Aussie’s leave-in conditioner is just as nice and smells great. My hair’s natural curl has softened over the years but I like a bit of texture and wave.

Leave-in conditioner: £8.95, Tigi. Candle: £42, Diptyque. Ring: £52 for a set of three, Kenzo at Cadenzza. Necklace: £85, Daisy Jewellery
Botanical hair shine oil: £17.25, Liz Earle. Marble side table: £279 for two, West Elm. ‘The Sleep Revolution’: £16.64, Amazon  

I use hair oil on the ends of my hair as it’s drying and then before I go to sleep to really nourish my hair as it’s quite dry. Just as my hair is almost dry, I rub a pea size amount of Kiehl’s ‘Silk Groom’ into the ends and twist my hair with my fingers.

Silk Groom: £18, Kiehl’s at Liberty

But for me, I do also need a bit of dryness to give my hair ‘life’ – my hair is so fine it needs that texture and ‘oomph’. I swear by dry shampoo (Batiste is great, or Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends has launched COLAB which is also good), and I LOVE Bumble & Bumble dryspun finish, it adds body to my hair but not as sticky/matt as hairspray. The only downside is it only lasts about a month so at £22 a bottle it’s an expensive habit, but I can really recommend Superdrug’s own ‘Killer Volume’ dry shampoo for 97p!

‘London’ dry shampoo: £3.50, COLAB. Dry shampoo killer volume: £0.97, Superdrug. Dryspun finish: £22, Bumble & Bumble  
Dress: Boden Icons (sold out)

I also thought I should mention hair tongs. As, after 33 years, I have just bought some – only a £25 pair as wasn’t sure I wanted to invest. I tried them for the weekend this wedding and was actually impressed! I did burn my neck whilst using them, so my technique obviously needs some work but I like how they don’t have a clamp so you don’t get any angles in the curls and they flowed more naturally than ringlets – much more beachy waves…

Dress: £42, Asos (sold out). Sandals: £250, LK Bennett. Sunglasses: £28 in the sale, Le Specs at Very Exclusive. Clutch: Dorothy Perkins (old)


  1. Hi! Just had to comment – had a real good laugh about the blow-dry phobia: I have just the same. Its always done "to Perfect" and takes a week to wash out. So I also tell her to leave it towel-dry and I fix it myself;D Also: would like to tip about a "dry" finishing product which is just fab to create texture and hold:Osis+ Dust it powder. The cutest little thing, and a small amount powder in palms create perfect ends. Twirl around ends and in rest of the hair. Just amazing. Got this tip from another blog with similar hairstyle. For prestyle and oil I use Bumble and Bumble spray with oil (love the smell!!). Cecil

    1. Ha! No one seems to understand my phobia when I explain! Oh good to know, thanks, must try – love the dry products…I have the Bumble & Bumble salt spray and oil, going to try it this holiday! x

  2. It's like I am reading my hair story! I wash my hair the same day after a blowdry, I cannot stand how limp it is afterwards, but I am too embarrased to tell it to my hairdresser, buhu.. 🙂 My hair too needs some dryness to look voluminous, TIGI Cocky was an excellent volume paste, but unfortunately discontinued 🙁 I am using instead Revlon pastes and Viviscal elixir for some oomph!

    1. Haha! yes at my new hairdresser I just told them straight away, and now there's no awkwardness! I have to tell them I'm just mad, and they accept it – but it really is common! Will look into pastes, have never used them before – or Viviscal, had a Keratstase elixir once and loved it x

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