New year, same me (albeit a little heavier)

Hat: £16, Asos. Coat: £175, Cos. Poloneck: Muji (old). Bag: £325, Sezane. Trousers: £18, Asos Maternity. Trainers: £59.99, Vans. Glasses: £98 (including prescription lenses), Ollie Quinn. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

Yep, I’m now fully into my third trimester (30 weeks now!) and this pregnancy feels very real. Saying that, I’m already in the final stretch and have managed to get away without purchasing too many new items of clothing (and I am working on a video to show you exactly what I bought/used – coming soon).

Most items here are old, except the maternity trousers. They’re essentially pull on cropped pants – no real design details, but at £18 they are so comfortable and once worn with a good coat and trainers, make me feel a little smarter than my jeans uniform.

I’m always striving to only buy items that compliment my existing wardrobe, in that often futile attempt at more of a capsule wardrobe. And I try to only shop ‘maternity’ when I have to – amazingly, a few pairs of my lounging tracksuit bottoms (remember those famous Gap ‘comfy pants’ I found?) still fit so that has been a pleasant surprise.

Oh and the hat is new, as well (notice that pregnancy has made me avoid actual shopping? I’m much more prone to online at the moment, and then I can have a try on at home without the effort of wiggling out of all those over the bump jeans in a tight changing room) – after not being into hats at all, I’ve gone for them big time. Again, this adds a bit of fashion flair when my sartorial statements are a bit more subdued at the moment.

All in all, I’m still feeling great. A bit achey in the mornings and every now and then my stomach feels like I’m on a huge rollercoaster but so far, so good! We’ve just signed up to antenatal classes and it’s all beginning to feel a bit real – here’s to an exciting 2018 (and only a few more months of work left for a while!).

Hat: £16, Asos. Coat: £175, Cos. Poloneck: Muji (old). Bag: £325, Sezane. Trousers: £18, Asos Maternity. Trainers: £59.99, Vans. Glasses: £98 (including prescription lenses), Ollie Quinn. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.


  1. Really enjoying your next life phase and hope you’ll still have a little time to write about new motherhood. Where I live in south west London I daily admire how women with babies and small children still manage to dress on trend and be well-groomed! Your house refurb information is also really interesting and inspiring.

  2. Such a great maternity look! I’m 5 months pregnant at the mo and have been loving the blog for years – would love to see a post on any baby gear you’ve bought or nursery plans you have – desperate for frugal inspiration!

  3. You look amazing Alex and still true to your style, I regret buying into the whole maternity wear as I then struggled to find my way back. Thankfully I eventually did. Good luck with the antenatal classes and your final few weeks.

  4. Have only recently come across your blog Alex and I feel like it is just the right time because I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my first bub! I am dreading having to dress through maternity because I am a tall gal, 5ft 11″, so struggle to find clothes that fit at the best of times. I know Asos do some maternity pieces in Tall but only very few – can you recommend any other retailers that make maternity in tall sizes? High street prices please!!!

    1. Oh my friend is going through the same actually! I think Topshop do tall and new Look do jeans by length, not jsut size which is helpful – I always found that as long as I have maternity jeans/trousers, I could get away with wearing my usual tops – men’s cashmere jumpers and use a Uniqlo heat tech underneath in case belly is on show (!!), congratuations, by the way! xx

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