Normcore neutrals

Shirt: £17.99, H&M (mine is really old but they do pretty much the same version every year available here). Skirt: £42.42, Madewell. Bag: Anya Hindmarch via Hackney Walk Outlets. Sandals: Asos (old). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

This is something I go through every fashion week…I worry about what to wear, panic I don’t look as ‘adventurous’ as everyone else, wear something to fit in and then end up changing into my most basic, easy, comfy outfit where I feel like myself and say ‘who cares?’.

This was one of those days in Copenhagen. I didn’t get my photo taken outside any shows, but I felt like myself. I still love everything I packed for my trip but I’ve definitely moved on from ‘dressing for the cameras’.

This shirt is an old-timer now, a favourite of a few fashion friends (including Sarah of Little Spree) and I rarely go away without it  – it looks great with denim shorts a or swimsuit on holiday too.

And the skirt was an online buy from Madewell (and I wasn’t hit with a customs bill!) – yes, Madewell of my favourite khaki trousers fame. For the evening, I’ll probably keep this look and just change into the khaki trousers as the temperature cools down.

I was tempted to keep the outfit tonal here, but I actually think the pop of colour on the bag is what makes this look.

I think, once again, Copenhagen has proved to be the best European citybreak. The food, the people, the short flight (despite BA complications!) – and actually this Fashion Week was one of my favourites. The brands were relevant to me, the settings were beautiful and it was so much better organised – and I might be swapping it for London in the future.

Shirt: £17.99, H&M (mine is really old but they do pretty much the same version every year available here). Skirt: £42.42, Madewell. Bag: Anya Hindmarch via Hackney Walk Outlets. Sandals: Asos (old).


  1. Sometimes the people who attend the fashion week try so hard to look different that they end up looking ridiculous and the whole outfit looks so contrived. Yours looks stylish because you are not trying too hard.

  2. I’d say you fit right in as far as the Scandinavian minimalist style goes, and it’s far more inspirational for us mortals than some of the people who do get photographed at fashion week!
    I’m glad you like Copenhagen, I may be slightly biased as I live in Denmark (west rather than east coast), as a British ex-pat I prefer it’s compactness and relaxed atmosphere to many European cities. But (as I may have mentioned before) my favourite Danish city is Aarhus. If I had to choose a city to live in Aarhus would be at the top of the list.

  3. I have to say, I’ve checked out pretty much every fashion blog out there: high-end, low-end, chic, casual, city, country, foreign, domestic… you name it. Your’s is definitely the best “frugal” fashion spot, and better than most high-end girls’ blogs. Nothing looks “frugal” about your style

    You look chic but normal and you don’t look like you’re trying too hard to prove how fabulous your life is.

    I quit following so many fashion blogs because, living in Venice, CA, as I do, I can’t walk three blocks without some girl taking a photo to show how fantastic her life is on her blog… The narcissism is sickening. Abbot Kinney is now only tourists and fashion blog girls. A resident can barely walk the street without bumping into some hot blog chick taking a photo of how fab her life is. —

    Sorry, I’m cranky this morning because some girl asked me to shoot a photo for her for her blog as she sat in a jeep peeking out of the roof… because everyone does that in Venice, right? I said no. I wouldn’t add to the tsunami of crap online. Now I hate myself for being a bitter bitch.

    I say all that because you are so refreshing. This post brought a smile to my lips. You have a natural ease that is very attractive, and you have great taste. Keep it up, buttercup!

  4. This outfit is perfect Alex and just worn so well by you. Your so simply stylish, you never look over done. That’s natural style surely, not following all the masses that attend fashion week. I often find that I’ve loved something on line or in a store and the next week you’re wearing it! We have such similar taste. #twinning! xx

  5. I think the colour of your legs plus the bag shade works brilliantly! Lovely to see a different city’s fashion week – thanks Alex x

  6. Love your style you always look stunning without looking contrived. You have an easy elegance …. you wear the clothes they don’t wear you. You are my favourite blogger and my 16 year old daughter now follows you too. You are our go to for fashion and city breaks/holiday advice so thank you xx

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