Sometimes the best maternity clothes aren’t maternity at all…

Dress: £30, Asos. Heels: £29.50, Marks & Spencer. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

I am doing my best not to buy too many maternity clothes.

Firstly, it’s against my nature to buy something out of necessity rather than loving it – especially for only a short space of time. Secondly, I rather loathe being put into ‘pregnant person’ box in terms of style – don’t get me wrong, I love that we are starting a family, I’m beginning to somewhat enjoy pregnancy but I still hope to be a stylish, independent woman that happens to be pregnant.

After speaking to a few friends, they confirmed what I thought I knew – if you can, then try and utilise what you have – wear your oversized shirts still, buy some maternity jeans so you have back-ups and actually, ‘Bodycon’ clothes will be your new best friend.

I probably would have been a bit more apprehensive about this style of dress in the past, but this is probably one of the few times I’ve embraced pushing my stomach out, not worried how much bread I had for dinner and just enjoyed it. And for £30, that’s a winner for me. This dress isn’t maternity but they do sell a maternity version here (although I am unsure of the difference).

Dress: £30, Asos. Heels: £29.50, Marks & Spencer. Personalised bag: £30, Aurora. Lip colour in ‘Caterina’: £27, Dolce & Gabbana.

Chinoiserie has been a micro trend that has taken me a bit by surprise, this season. Ever since seeing Lindsay from Ropes of Holland in the Rixo Chinoiserie prints, I have been thinking about it more and more. So when I saw this dress, I snapped it up – the length would make a great occasionwear dress too for the festive period – just sling a velvet blazer over the top.

Oh and the heels were another impulse buy, I saw someone wearing them at my Kitri store event last month and immediately checked them out online – velvet, walkable kitten heels for under £30 – I had to have them.

And the location? Well, more to come on that soon – we just spent a babymoon in Morocco and feeling so relaxed…the perfect downtime before the madness of pre-Christmas starts again. We fell in love with the gorgeous colours of our Riad and it made quite a beautiful backdrop, making a change from dreary London.


  1. You look lovely and I agree – bodycon is great for dressing the bump, and if you can get away with non-maternity then do! Also found I bought some maternity/nursing dresses and tops which weren’t useful at all as they were weirdly sized when not pregnant so I didn’t want to wear them for nursing anyway (why are most nursing clothes also for pregnant people?!) Is that bag good quality? Seems like a real bargain so I’m quite tempted…
    Glad you had a relaxing babymoon – Essaouira is so lovely x

  2. Maternity or not you look fab! Ironically given that I never intend to be pregnant again I bought an Asos maternity dress as it was the only maxi dress that fit my wish list!

  3. Thanks for this fab post Alex! I am definitely in the same frame of mind! Love this dress on you! I will definitely be looking to you for inspo for non-mat maternity wear! Maybe you could do a trimester update of your top tricks and tips? x

  4. Looking your style, I automatically start to think of Ralph Lauren words “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

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