What I packed for Rome (for reals)

Rail: Morplan. Suitcase: Away. Initial (waterproof lined) washbag: £25, Alphabet Bags. Clothing (credits later on in the post). Photographs and video: Christopher O’Donnell. Filmed at the Artist Residence, London

Last weekend we spent a blissful weekend in Rome…but more of that later.

I’ve been meaning to make a packing video for ages, and have filmed them for other brands so many times. But I wanted it to be real, rather than creating a fake scenario.

Bag: £170, Rae Feather. Top: £40, Next. Stripe top: £80, Etre Cecile. Cashmere jumper: Gap (old but Boden do great cashmere here). Espadrilles: £120, Kurt Geiger. Top: Topshop (old but buy similar here). Clear cosmetic case: £5.25, Muji. Stripe trousers: £35.99, Mango.

So when we knew we were off to Rome, I decided to not only arrange a shoot (this actually took quite a bit of organisation as we couldn’t just shoot in our house, so had to pack the suitcase, drag to the Artist Residence hotel, unpack and then film, then take it all home again!) but also actually pack my suitcase. Killing two birds with one stone – it also means I could show you what actually got worn around the city.

Top: New Look (sold out buy similar here). Jeans: H&M (old). Bag: And Other Stories (old but buy similar from M&S here). Shoes: £59.99, Mango. Earrings: £70, Pandora

So there it is! A more detailed account of what I pack and how I do it. Looking back at the video, I wish I hadn’t been in such a rush and stopped to brush my hair, and maybe I shouldn’t have said that every single item was my ‘favourite’ that ‘I loved’ but with this YouTube thing, you’ve gotta go with it and not analyse too much! I hope you find it somewhat useful…

And here’s me wearing a few items I actually packed:

Denim jacket: £40, Next. T-shirt: £40, Sezane. Trousers: Madewell (old). Bag: J Crew (old). Shoes: £59.99, Mango. Sunglasses: £70, Le Specs at Very Exclusive.

Top: £40, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Sunglasses: Mango (old). Bag: J Crew (old).

Leather jacket: £299, Jigsaw (old but buy the new update version here). Top: Topshop (old but buy similar here). Clutch: Modern Society (old). Earrings: £12.99, Mango.

Denim jacket: £40, Next. T-shirt: £40, Sezane. Trousers: Madewell (old). Bag: J Crew (old). Shoes: Topshop (old). Sunglasses: £70, Le Specs at Very Exclusive.


  1. Finally managed to order the Next blouse (it’s been out of stock in my size every time I’ve checked). Threw in the Pom Pom shoes from your last Instagram post too. I need to stop following your blog…

  2. Your travel wallet looks fantastic- I didn’t catch the name of the brand. Do you mind sharing a link? Thank you!

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