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It’s official: we’ve decided against any carpets in our new house. Wood floor and painted floorboards it is.

We both love the look of it, it’s easy to keep clean but also I have become obsessed with rugs. Maybe it’s the Erica Davies effect…?!

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Image via Broomhill Antique Rugs (another instagram discovery via my sister)

We got our first rug last year from West Elm, a huge Beni one which covered almost the entire living room. It transformed the room, plus had the added bonus that we could take it with us when we moved and now it can transform another room (in time).

And my obsession has recently moved to more traditional rugs. I’m sure most of you follow Frances Loom on Instagram – she sells rugs every Thursday at 8am through her website and usually, they’re sold out by the following day. Her instagram is a a feast for the eyes and she has impeccable taste that mixes modern with traditional interior elements, something I’m trying to do with our  Edwardian renovation. She even Photoshops interiors images so you can see how a rug can transform a room – genius.

via Frances Loom on Instagram

Artist Residence, Pimlico

I am always inspired by Hotel interiors, and Artist Residence is high up there in my kind of aesthetics. And I’ve just discovered they’ve launched their own interiors showroom too: Salisbury & Co where they sell similar wares from their hotels. The actual dream.

So now we are on the hunt for the perfect one. But we can’t afford an antique version sadly, so I have been researching online and here are a few I have come up with – personally I have my eye on the Next one and think it has amazing potential. But let me know if you’ve seen any good versions recently – I’m open to suggestions.

1. Rug: £84.07, Wayfair

2. Monochrome rug: £139, La Redoute

3. Distressed rug: from £381, West Elm

4. Antique effect rug: from £60, Next

5. Kilim rug; £85, Urban Outfitters 


  1. Rugs and wooden floors everyone. Fitted carpets are men especially when you have a mud magnet puppy! Also you can switch them around to change the mood.

  2. I’ve found some fantastic kilims on ebay of all places. I paid less than £100 for a massive wool kilim last year. Well worth a look.

  3. We got ours in the French Connection sale and I absolutely love it – until we can afford to replace the lino floor in our living room the rug covers pretty much the whole floor and is lush to walk on!

  4. Loving the rugs in, always beauties in the clearance section and you can view them on Charing Cross Road! I’m sure I remember an old post of yours re: carpets and stair runners, do you mind me asking where you bought yours from….Im one of the few who’s remained in SW!!

  5. Rugs are it! We have a bland beige carpet cos our floorboards are unplayable, and have ended up with rugs everywhere and I think they are really transformational. We have them on our travertine tiles in kitchen and as almost doormats in our porches- they are so beautiful, I can’t only put them in “safe” places. I also use my Mum’s silver cutlery, although it’s a pig to clean and crystal glasses although we smash them regularly!

    1. We have sanded old floorboards downstairs and it our last flat – it looked great and not (too) difficult. It depends on how good the boards are, the ones in our new house have all ben cut and chopped up to lay pipes etc so might have to go for a runner over those and lay floor in a few rooms – also for downstairs it might help with heat, we were thinking? x

  6. The rug in the artist residence pic is French connection I think (?) currently online at an amazing £155! Called ‘poppy’
    They do some lovely ones. Great post as always! X

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