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Building work for our study will commence at the end of the month (fingers crossed), and it couldn’t come at a better time.

We’ve been eating, relaxing, working and living all in the same room for a few months now. It has been fine and totally manageable but this year I made a conscious decision to work from home more to reclaim my work/life balance. I miss having a ‘work’ room, which I can separate from ‘me’ time.

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The room we’re going to use is what I currently call the ‘dungeon’ – a warren behind the stairs with a dim corridor leading to a galley kitchen and a shoddy ‘lean-to’ with uneven flooring. We’re hoping to knock down the lean-to (as it’s already leaking and causing problems), and reclaim the outside space whilst allowing more light into the room with a large window at the back (the only light is currently a small window into the alleyway).

At the moment it’s still all just a thought process but there are a few things we have contemplated as our criteria:

Desk space that allows for 2 people

Enough plugs for computers/lamps etc without using extension cords

Extensive storage space for our work equipment

Plugs with USB sockets 

Natural light for photos

Keep existing features where possible – picture rail, skirting boards etc

Instagrammable (!)

Coffee table and chairs for an ‘ideas’ area

The ideas area is something I’ve wanted for a while, to make it a more creative space rather than just a desk. The digital world is one that moves that so fast, if you don’t take time to stop and reflect occasionally, it can get on top of you. Plus I like the idea that I can get up and move around, not chained to a desk.

The colour palette will be the usual – neutral with a hint of dark, and I love the idea of wood panelling too, with cupboards across one wall. The boiler has been installed in this room (it needed to be on an external wall) so this will be incorporated into the cupboards somehow.

And I think we’re going to go with parquet flooring – obviously none of our rooms are as big as these, so we’ll have to manage expectations somewhat, as well!

Also bearing in mind that this will be potentially our ‘forever’ home, so we don’t want to scrimp too much – but still save where we can!

Image via Pinterest

I’ll keep you up to date on Instagram Stories, of course, but meanwhile here is what we’re looking at for the room:

1. Metal trestle legs: £60, Habitat (great for sourcing your own worktop)

2. Brass lamp: £125, French Connection

3. Rug: £155, French Connection

4. Marble table: £169, La Redoute

5. Typography print (you can choose the year): £29, Atelier Big Jon

6. Lamp: £29, Ikea

7. Black USB plug socket: £13.59, Amazon

8. Chair: £225, Ikea (there is actually one I prefer for £150 here but no cut-out imagery)

9. Aurelie Lecuyer NY print: £58, Tea & Kate

10. Eucalyptus and lavender candle: £12, Ohros (hand poured in Hackney and if you recycle the jars, you get 10% off your next order)


  1. Love your inspiration images. The angelpoise lamp in one of those pics is one of my must haves – works well as a bedside lamp too.

  2. I have the French Connection Brass lamps and the La Redoute marble tables in one of my bedrooms. They both look great but the tables are much smaller than I expected before they arrived (they’re full with the lamp and a book on them). It’s also anonyingly hard to angle the lamps because the only bend at one point. Just small things that I wish I’d known before I’d bought them, but they do look fantastic!

  3. I have just converted a leaky lean-to into part of our kitchen. I can highly recommend a roof lantern bring light into your ideas area. It’s an apex/prism shaped window in the roof. Our kitchen is now a warm and sociable space to be enjoyed. Not a dingy galley just for cooking!

  4. Will you be choosing an ergonomic office chair, Alex? I’ve been finding it hard to get one that looks nice, as well as functioning to support the back and suiting two people of different heights. Apart from the Herman Miller Aeron of course – ahem.. £1,000 .. ahem.

      1. Wow, thanks for that info – we were thinking we might spring for one as the step-daughter has some back issues, and – as you say – we don’t wanna mess with the spine!

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