Trail blazer

Blazer: £39.99, H&M. Flats: £49, Kurt Geiger. Tee: £20, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Bag: €195, Paris 64. Photographs: Eva K Salvi.

If I could describe my ‘can’t live without’ styling piece in my wardrobe, it’s the blazer. I don’t have tons, but I definitely have enough.

That is, until I saw this one in H&M.

Since having a baby, I am definitely dressing in failsafe outfits, but I think it’s important to feel pulled together when out (mainly because I am totally not pulled together at home – greasy hair, barely wet wiped face, sick down my dressing gown which I rarely get changed out of).

Corduroy seemed to have its moment last year, and in particular pink corduroy. And to be honest, I thought it might be over by now but when I saw this online I had to have it. The perfect pick me up to a jeans, tee and flats combination.

Blazer: £39.99, H&M. Flats: £49, Kurt Geiger. Tee: £20, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Bag: €195, Paris 64.

If I’m honest, I’m feeling a bit uninspired by outfit posts on the blog these days. I love showing and wearing clothes but feel that Instagram often covers it all so much these days. But with the constant refresh of new and stories which are all ‘buy me, buy me’ I feel sometimes a bit stuck between always showing the new and then wearing old outfits all the time which often don’t have much of a narrative other than ‘an outfit I wore’.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this…

I’m definitely slowing down in terms of outfit content on this blog and hopefully doing posts whereby I have something really fab to tell you about or an interesting way to style something. More like once a month.

I hope I can still inspire you fashion-wise, even if it is less frequently these days, but this is a jacket I bought, wore, loved and will continue to love for years to come.

Blazer: £39.99, H&M. Flats: £49, Kurt Geiger. Tee: £20, Next. Jeans: Gap (old). Bag: €195, Paris 64.


  1. What I think I appreciated about your blog was that you always found a way doable us how to wear an already owned outfit/garment in a myriad of ways. That’s hard to come by in the blogger world. I’d hope most importantly you do what makes you happy, but as a long time follower I would say continue to post your outfits and how you creatively style them in different ways. Also as a mom of a now 16 day old baby girl I have really appreciated those posts centered around Precious Peggy.

  2. Personally I prefer blogs for real inspiration as they are easier to search for years to come. And they are more than a sound bite. Posts on Instagram are so fleeting. While I know you have seen much success on instagram your blog is yours alone I wouldn’t abandon it for instastories.

  3. Please keep it up, it’s very inspirational. Another thing: your “going out outfits and make up” are so exciting and you look amazing, would be great to see more of these in the blog. But why I’m mostly writing: I would love to hear about how you wash and treat your clothes. They always look brand new and you look so polished – I often buy more (and make bad choices) because my clothes don’t look brand new with the washing. Hope no woman gets upset with me for writing this ? honesty!

  4. I always find you inspiring Alex, you have real style and pizazz that can’t be bought. I’m getting really fed up of seeing ‘outfit of the day’ posts and continual changing room must haves on other bloggers feeds. People are turning into clones. Carry on with your flair, imaginative and quirky slant on life! I love it. And your baby is sooo cute!

  5. Lovely outfit! Since becoming a mum I do love and feel good in a blazer!!! This one looks fab and easy to wear. I’m definitely not buying things all the time so once a month frequency is good for me. I liked your blog about the white trainers and this one too, being a new reader of your blog (although I have received your blogs by email for a while before). Lovely work and lovely Photography. Laura

  6. Hi Alex, my thoughts are that Instagram is a great platform for fashion/style/interiors inspiration, I enjoy following peoples stories, especially your renovation ones and I like seeing outfit shots. But you also need your own platform, space on the web, to actually show off your style. I feel like when I scroll through a post even though it is maybe 10 photos of the same outfit, I take in different elements of the outfit as I go along, it’s about the styling, the photography, the layout. I think it’s even inspiration for how other people might take photographs for their Instagram or blog. I love your fashion posts, mixed in with your interiors…I am more than happy seeing several outfit posts a month just so I can see how you are transitioning from summer to autumn, how I could get more out of my wardrobe…or should I invest in courdroy! It is easy to think Instagram has taken over blogging but all the best bloggers including yourself are multi-faceted. Instagram, blogs and YouTube! It must be hard work, but people will always be looking for inspiration across multiple platforms! Frankie xx (apologies for the long ramble!)

  7. I really like the fact you mix older pieces with investment items like this blazer, it’s so much more inspiring & realistic than the Instagram ladies with seemingly bottomless purses telling us to swipe up to buy or # gifted. Instagram is an odd one when I first joined I enjoyed the content but the longer I am on there the more I notice the same group of ladies, at the same events or press trips who just happen to “love” the same brands. I respect their need to make money but your way of doing it is a more valuable & a worthwhile read & I hope this translates into income for you.

  8. Hi Alex,

    Personally for me it’s more about your style being inspiring rather than new items of clothing. So I don’t think it matters whether it’s new or not. As a few others have said, I really love that you wear your clothes and show you wearing things in different combinations. That’s what makes it on brand for you and also I think just way more realistic for people and less about throwaway fashion. Since following you I have bought so much less and I love it! And also have been inspired to make more investment purchases. Anyway, I guess what this ramble was meant to say was I’m happy with the way you’re blogging/instagramming etc. I like the mix of stuff. I think you blog/present yourself in a way that conveys a general sense of who you are whether that’s in interiors or fashion posts. X

  9. Personally I prefer the blog. It’s like comparing a takeaway with a proper sit down restaurant meal. Both have their place, but if I had to choose one it wouldn’t be the takeaway! I think it’s down to the written word that goes along with the images, it’s so much more in depth on a blog. And as others have mentioned, a blog is your own, whereas IG isn’t. There is a place for both, they compliment each other, and I can have a quick fix or something more in depth depending on my mood.

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