Bookshelves Redesign

Over the xmas break, I delight myself in taking on a challenge. Last year, it was painting our study, this year it was revamping our bookshelves. With painting, I always think you need a few solid days to really get to grips with it. Plus its one DIY job that makes such a difference but only really costs £20-£30.



Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’ No 31

I am in love with Farrow & Ball‘s paints, they look so chic and have great coverage.

However, a top frugal tip: take the match card to your local paint shop and get them to make up the colour for you with their own paint to save money!

I love the new dramatic look it gives to the shelves, plus it gave me a chance to re-organise and recycle loads of books. It feels like a different room, now.
Pull out favourite books and special editions to break up the space

Lay books on their side to create focus areas
Wooden block letters, Not On The High Street

After the clearout, we found room for my partners favourite comics!


    1. My bedroom is Pavilion Grey – love it, so calming….and Downpipe is gorgeous – want to do my floorboards that colour (once I pull out my horrid yellowy carpets)

    1. Thank you!I thought it was nice before…but now I hate how it used to look! A change is always good 🙂 thanks for the compliments, glad you love my house!!

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