Feels Like Summer…

‘Amalfi’ dress: £145, Pampelone. Sandals: £22, AsosHat: £30, AsosPhotographs: Christopher O’Donnell
When a PR friend announces she is going it alone, you’re obviously nervous for her. but when she fills you in on her ideas for an affordable, beautifully designed capsule collection of the ultimate beach to evening holiday pieces, you know it’s going to be great.
Introducing my resortwear obsession: Pampelone. I borrowed a dress for Ibiza last year and had an amazing response – easy throw on pieces that look unique but also fabulous on. So this time we took to the mountains for a shoot with my favourite pieces.
‘Amalfi’ dress: £145, Pampelone. Sandals: £22, AsosHat: £30, Asos


We shot these pictures in the beautiful village of Frigiliana in the mountains behind Nerja – I haven’t visited for years (I used to go to the running of the bulls, which is on in June, but now feel there’s something quite cruel about it). It’s like stepping back in time, quaint cobbled hills, whitewashed walls and bright coloured doors – it was so quiet we were even whispering whilst shooting.
‘Graniers’ blouse: £55, Pampelone. Denim skirt: £36, Urban Outfitters. Sandals: £22, AsosBasket bag: bought in Nerja. Sunglasses: £28 in the sale, Le Specs at Very Exclusive.


And lastly, I wore one my favourite holiday dresses, the ‘Bardot’ dress. It’s the kind of dress you save until your last day of holiday as it looks so good with a tan (hence we shot these pictures at the end of our trip). It’s funny, I don’t wear much red (or colour, for that matter) but I look forward to bringing this out every holiday and will for years to come.

‘Bardot’ dress: £85, Pampelone. Sandals: £22, Asos.

Bracelets: Astley Clarke. Nail polish: £4.95, ‘Cortina’ by Mavala

This post was in collaboration with Pampelone, a brand I’ve loved since day one and it’s so exciting seeing it grow.


  1. Photographs are beautiful, you look fantastic. Love your style, always! I've just come home from 3 fabulous weeks in Frigiliana, its such an amazing spot. We used to go to Nerja all the time but the past 5 years have been going to Frigiliana instead and then popping down to Nerja a few times. Such a lovely place. Anyway, looking gorgeous and keep up the great work with your blog, its one of my favourite 🙂 Audrey x

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