It’s finally here….! The realist’s approach to everyday spending

Available to buy here

I started writing this back in January, but with life, work commitments and then edits back and forth and then trying to actually figure out how to get it to be downloaded via this site, 7 months later here we are!

Writing something this big, for me, has been a lesson – and although there have been times when ‘Imposter Syndrome’ set in and I didn’t want to put this out there at all, I am proud that I’ve put something into a long-form edition.

It all started with this blogpost and it gave me the confidence to put into a longer format how we go about our daily lives, how my real-life compared to my ‘Insta’ life are, in fact, very different, how we save money for holidays without feeling like we compromise ‘too’ much. I count myself very lucky to be doing a job I love and for a decent wage, but living in London makes it difficult at times and I believe that if we don’t discuss money enough, we will never remove the stigma from not having a lot, and we will never feel confident to ask for more and have financial independence/security.

So I am having this 60-page downloadable e-book will be something you can either nod along to, or maybe it offers some ideas for planning your food shop (we spend roughly £40 on food shopping for three of us) or some tips for selling your old stuff online (I give the low-down on the best places to sell and why). It’s definitely not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, more sharing stories so we all feel less alone within this money discussion that’s currently taking centre stage. Because it’s time to talk.

You can purchase this downloadable e-book for £4.99 here.

You can also access the weekly food planner (as discussed in the e-book!) here for free…



  1. I bought the book this morning and have just finished reading it. It’s great! You’ve been so honest and, as a result, it’s really relatable and inspiring. Great job!!

  2. Just to say I have such respect and appreciation for how you go about things. The time for over glossy renditions of our lives is over. The authenticity and practicality of your work is fabulous. Thank you so much for what you do. It’s brilliant.

  3. A great read & you’ve inspired me to get better at not wasting food. I’ve been to Ikea & bought the glass containers. I now have a freezer full of meals ready for when the kids start back at school & everything is super busy again.

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