Summer’s here {in partnership with Matalan}

Top: £18, Matalan. Shorts: £16, Matalan. Sandals: £9.40 in the sale, Matalan. Bag: £12, Matalan. Sunglasses: £23.99, Matalan. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

It seems we have gone away in June for the last I don’t remember how many years. And until Peggy goes to school it will definitely stay that way. We seem to have missed most of the torrential rain terrorising the UK last week and began our holiday social media spam just as it finished.

And I began with a door that matched my outfit!

Too good an opportunity to miss, right?!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure this outfit would work on me – post baby, did I really want to do a co-ord? But as soon as I put it on, I actually loved it. The material is soft, the shorts are elasticated (I am forever on the hunt for a pair of shorts which aren’t stiff button-up denim, and can be thrown on after relaxing on the beach) and it covers my shoulders and arms, which is my criteria for walking to the beach (I always accidentally burn my shoulders, no matter how much sun cream I wear).

I’m not wearing a bra. And that’s okay, I don’t really wear bras on holiday – maybe it’s the memory of those horrid maternity bras last summer, but I am really enjoying the freedom of going without. My self conscious flat-chested younger self was always so paranoid in swimwear, so I am catching up and embracing the fact that I can get away with it whilst I still can. But I will also wear a bikini under this later on in the holiday.


Top: £18, Matalan. Shorts: £16, Matalan. Bag: £12, Matalan.

I am really loving this soft, cornflower blue at the moment, too, in fact I picked out a pair of earrings last week whilst shopping with my mum! It’s the colour of holiday for me: reminding me whitewashed buildings, old peeling painted doors and fresh seafood. I usually associate it with Greece but the small mountain village of Frigliana also has it in bucket loads – we tend to come up here early to shoot and it’s so peaceful, before treating ourselves to a coffee and croissant overlooking the mountains before heading home. If you’re ever in the Costa Del Sol I would recommend paying it a visit (although it’s hard going with a pram!), it’s like stepping back in time – one of our favourite spots. And if you can go in June, then the Feria de San Antonio is amazing – everyone is dressed up in traditional Flamenco and there is live music, trucks selling churros y chocolat and loads of amusement rides – a feast for the eyes!

This post was in partnership with Matalan, all styling and direction our own.


  1. Oh, you enjoy those braless days! I got the shock of my life the other day when my mirror reflected back something far less perkier than I would have liked – I fondly remembered the ‘better’ years haha! Life’s really too short to worry though….you have a lovely attitude to life so will have fun regardless! Nice outfit too!

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